New Aeromapper X5 mapping drone from Aeromao

Hi everyone,

just wanted to share our latest UAV: The Aeromapper X5, already available in our website at

Yes, it uses the Skywalker X5 fpv wing as airframe, but here at Aeromao it suffers an interesting transformation.

It is equipped with APM 2.x (of course) and 3DR radios, but we'll start testing soon with RDF900 to extend the telemetry range and we'll try to adjust it so we don't sacrifice much endurance.

As it's big brother (The Aeromapper) it also uses the Spektrum DX8 with 5 flight modes and Dragon Link long range system.

Probably one of the most interesting features is its parachute landing. We have seen many small UAVs (some of them really expensive) of similar size landing autonomously, but in reality is a controlled crash. You are lucky if the camera survives 5 landings....

The Aeromapper X5 is excellent to cover small to medium areas. For larger areas simply land and change batteries! the parachute landing really facilitates the overall mapping process in the field.

We aimed to keep things easy, simple and safe, as well as giving the user an affordable quality platform to create maps at very high resolution. It carries the Sony NEX 7 camera (24 megapixels). More cameras can be also adapted. And we'll probably be offering a variant with the Tetracam ADC multiespectral camera.

The video shows its basic features, but you can find more info at our website, and we'll be posting more videos and info soon.




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  • Hi,

    I was wondering if anyone had experience using the platform that they would be willing to share. It would be interesting to see some example projects and photos taken.
  • Hi All,

    I was wondering if anyone has purchased this model and what their opinions of it are and if they could share some sample imagery with me.



  • Hello

    My problem is:

    I have a HEXA with videolink 5,8Ghz.

    I need to see the photo preview in land in my lcd monitor. It's necessary  to see the image befote shooting photo! 

    What photocamera compact with very good quality can I use for make this function? (via USB?) or with any intervention in the camera hardware?


  • @Hui,   Yes, NEX 5 can also be used

  • CAPI, please see full info at, shows the camera included and additional equipment.



  • how i can see the photo preview in land?

    What camera? what aditional equipment?

    I Hav a Hexa with video link 5,8Ghz.

    thanks - please replay to

  • can replace the NEX-3?

  • Actually the parachute doesn't come out throught the upper canopy. It is secured anyways with magnets.

  • How do you stop the X5 from losing its canopy when you pop the parachute?

  • Randy:  Yes, surely uses APM!!  Camera is triggered actually by IR shutter. But anyway I see we'll be upgrading to APM trigger command. I think it is available now, I read somewhere.... Thanks Randy.

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