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Sam Short commented on AKRCGUY's blog post Another Noob pilot wrecking it for the rest of us...
"@Jared, how can the FAA issue someone with a licence then take the licence away to ban someone, when that person is already doing something is is banned?

I agree that manufacturers of these drones which are targeted at n00bs, should take…"
Oct 3, 2013
Sam Short commented on Mauricio's blog post New Aeromapper X5 mapping drone from Aeromao
"How do you stop the X5 from losing its canopy when you pop the parachute?"
Jul 28, 2013
Sam Short commented on Robert B Von Haden's blog post First light on camera gimbal controller
Jul 14, 2013
Sam Short commented on Robert Krogh (hooks)'s blog post APM 2.5 from hobbyking
"@TCIII unfortunately trademarks are jurisdiction dependent, so unless 3DR has a trademark for China, it would be difficult to enforce.  eg.  Apple had to licence the iPhone trademark that someone else owned in a jurisdiction outside the US."
May 22, 2013
Sam Short commented on Chris Anderson's blog post PETA getting their own drones
"The animal welfare organisations should be protecting animals, however, if farmers (who are the few in Australia that have guns) think that they are being targeted by PETA, I suspect that both hobby model aircraft and UAVs operating quite legally…"
Apr 11, 2013
Sam Short commented on Thomas J Coyle III's blog post Auto Landing Released for Aibotix X6 Aerial Robot
"It has a $500 Mikrokopter flight control board inside of it."
Apr 5, 2013
Sam Short posted a blog post
Videos posted online of multicopter crashes including the one of the DJI S800 crashing in a stadium in Brazil and the aerobot crashing in the CBD of Auckland NZ make the public and safety regulators concerned about drone operations.  Every drone…
Mar 31, 2013
Sam Short commented on Jethro Hazelhurst's blog post HD FPV system now being prototyped!
"The guys at Coptercam are already using HD links to broadcast live sports on TV.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBLqljSToCA&feature=youtu.be"
Mar 11, 2013
Sam Short posted a blog post
 There have been many videos on how to crash and not how to conduct commercial operations.The guys at Coptercam are setting the right example for all DIYers who are aspiring to become commercial UAV operators.  I have been watching the live cricket…
Jan 31, 2013
Sam Short commented on Mark Harrison's blog post Video: Scary Hexa Crash in Brazil Stadium
"@Joshua you are right, there are plently of crash videos online, and there should be more videos posted of successful and safe operations.

I recall last time Ruwan posted that an Australian company had  safely operated a UAV at a sporting event,…"
Jan 31, 2013
Sam Short replied to Corey's discussion I am sorry.
"$1200 ain't going to buy you much to setup a business to survey small areas in Australia.

Gatewing X100.  $70,000 
UAV Operator Certificate.  $8,000
Insurance.  $15,000"
Dec 31, 2012
Sam Short commented on Ruwan's blog post Coptercam used in a cricket match
"@Duran, I doubt that, I saw it flying at Etihad Stadium on Saturday night. I think this news article published 2 days ago is pretty clear http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/cricket/foxkopter-takes-to-the-sk...

I believe drone that crashed was a…"
Dec 23, 2012
Sam Short commented on Ruwan's blog post Coptercam used in a cricket match
Dec 22, 2012
Sam Short commented on Ruwan's blog post Coptercam used in a cricket match
"Well done Coptercam team.

@Greg, I doubt that Cricket Australia would allows a UAV to operate at such a public event without public liability insurance.  "
Dec 22, 2012