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  • Props are reversing for sure, can hear it in the video. I am guessing it is a switch, but it could be throttle position, or FC controled. He might be running 2 blade rotors instead of props, but my guess is they are stock props. Either way it is impressive, no very impressive. So long variable pitch ideas. With this ability you could take off and land from moving vehicles. Hell, you could stick it right to the wall or ceiling, Spider-Man style...
  • Curious about the design of the props to function in reverse rotation...

  • How? is he reversing the props? Switch

  • Warthox is constantly setting the new standard for quad flight, these ESCs are amazing. Of course the MWC is an awesome FC for stuff like this.....fantastic.....

  • Damn that's awesome!!!

  • FYI:    RC Groups UltraESC thread

  • I think Warthox' sole purpose in life is to make everyone else feel like inadequate pilots ;)

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