Guys , should we have some thing like this( caption contest) going? Any way , diy AP cannot get any better than this , High lights/salient features.
>4 point landing gear, self retraction, auto flaps, self healing too
> no GPS required ,"tail wagging" is automatic (most of the times)
>RTL Works in air and on Land too!!
>Find me is built in. You will never loose it, and if you do , it will come back eventually or high pitch sounder( built-in) will alert you of it location
> Pan and tilt does not require additional channels
> FAA and other regulations do not apply to this airframe operations( conditions apply)
> No spl software or programmers/interface required. Unlimited memory, etc etc
> Voice activation and command language
> Rx is interference proof
> Can win any contest any day any time
What do you think guys?
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  • You notice they both have the same look on their face. Thought bubble should read; "If I had thumbs right now I'd kill you..."
  • Admin
    Dave, this looks like the one Michel was talking about. Hmm interesting, mission profile looks different. AP is water proof too. The afterburner shows serious speed and range too. Two birds with single stone( dangerous fumes used for smoke system?)
    @Paul , your AP or code has issues , time to change the model
    @ Earl . it is towed to high altitude and released, design is based on world war 2 glider( I am guessing)
  • Developer
    Avoid the exhaust plumes!
  • Looks real good. But what is propulsion system ?
  • - Switches inappropriatly to Hunt mode if some cat or car cruises nearby.
    - Slavers in the car during the trip to the flying field.
    - Loses covering material on expensive furniture that inevitably clogs the vacum cleaner.
    - Basically neurotic and unpredictable.
  • Admin
    @ Paul, Well then , there are things we can work to improve. :)). Most of the combo/ off the self products are never perfect. ;-)
    1. You need to debug the program for urinating issue.
    2. The walking 3 times a day is intentional for now ( see issue 1)
    (especially if it happens to be the mailman> Ohh , that is optional function , it is called sentry mode and can work while in hover too. It is a premium option for some mil application coming under "Right of self preservation"
    @ Michael , yes it can be factory upgraded to be hairless and so no brush is required. Take your pick here
    @ Michal . It should not cause of concern if you follow standard regulations " No Smoking any were in refueling Area "
    Thanks guys for good inputs , keep it coming. cheers.

    BTW : The one issue u missed and still hasn't been resolved ( as per company spokes person) is 2 Way telemetry is not available.
  • One more feature:
    -when changing diet you get a new jet propulsion
  • You do have some drawbacks though :
    - the AP needs to go for a walk three times a day
    - the AP may urinate inopportunely somewhere in your shop
    - Find me function sometimes goes berzerk and switches on if someone knocks at your door
    (especially if it happens to be the mailman)
    - Energy source is expensive
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