Guys , should we have some thing like this( caption contest) going? Any way , diy AP cannot get any better than this , High lights/salient features.
>4 point landing gear, self retraction, auto flaps, self healing too
> no GPS required ,"tail wagging" is automatic (most of the times)
>RTL Works in air and on Land too!!
>Find me is built in. You will never loose it, and if you do , it will come back eventually or high pitch sounder( built-in) will alert you of it location
> Pan and tilt does not require additional channels
> FAA and other regulations do not apply to this airframe operations( conditions apply)
> No spl software or programmers/interface required. Unlimited memory, etc etc
> Voice activation and command language
> Rx is interference proof
> Can win any contest any day any time
What do you think guys?
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  • Admin
    Rana , Look at his eyes( both models) , does it look like there was a choice?!

    Dave , well then it solves bug with tail lock issue I guess , hope all the info and feed backs helps some one to perfect this poor mut ( he certainly will appreciate it)
  • Very funny !
    Was he cooperative at the time of installation ?
  • Just one thought: What if you have a "tail dragger"?
  • Admin
    Joel , good observation , "It has very small foot print in loiter mode". :) , without bugs there won't be fun( hey we need some thing to do/contribute)
    Dave , Not necessarily , "self clean" or rather debug mode happens only if AP misses the tail wagging while initializing. Tailess/flying wings models don't have this problem though
  • Should the autopilot be stuck in "self clean" mode all the time?
  • Adding on the list of features... Improved loitering radius capabilities! Can loiter around a point with a radius of 6 to 24 inches... Possible bugs, only works when the drone sees it's own tail, loitering can occur randomly
  • Admin
    Jack, that is good idea ,
    The finance & this world economics is/has been very erratic and trouble some , so investing in space program has least risk factor ( the investment does not disappear atleast unlike other here on the earth :-O
  • Admin
    Ya Dave , bubble though should read " I wish I don't have to test it my self" .
    Imagine these eyes coz it is .... :)(
  • Refinance the dog & retire. Oh yeah. India still prefers to invest in a silly space program.
  • I bet the dog name is Kirk. But the ears ! Look at the the ears ! Would you know, maybe Mister Spock ?
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