New ArduIMU+ Firmware & Ground Station revision

Hello dear community! I'm pleased to announce a new polished version of the ArduIMU+ Ground Station based on LabView and firmware.

Whats new on the GS:
-Better Look.
-Simple, lightweight, functional and funny virtual horizon (VHLOL).
-Number of satellites used indicator for the GPS.
-Three needle altimeter (in meters).
-Vertical Speed (m/s).
-Compass indicator.
-And more but i don't remember.

What's new on the Firmware:
-Few bugs solved. (Thanks to Doug Weibel and Jose Julio)
-Now supports uBlox NAV-SOL data stream (needed for SVNumber and Vertical Speed).
-Compatible with the new GS.
-Coming soon: magnetometer support.

Note: You need to reconfigure your Ublox GPS in order to enable the NAV-SOL data stream, you can also disable NAV-STATUS because is not needed anymore. If you can't reconfigure your GPS don't worry you can still use the Ground station and the firmware but the vertical speed and the satellites indicator will not work.

Exanple of how ArduPilot uBlox configuration used to be or V1:

Exanple of how ArduPilot uBlox configuration V2 is:

Note that ArduPilot Code V2.5 and up will also support configuration V2, but you can still use ArduPIlot uBlox Configuration V1, no problem.

ArduPilot Mega will support uBlox configuration V2 only. So you better switch soon. All brand new ArduPilot Ready uBlox modules from the DIYdrones store will have configuration V2 from now.

Because i would like to help everybody switch to V2, If you can't reconfigure your uBlox GPS by yourself i can do it for you (free), you only need to pay for shipping (less than $15 for a round trip with insurance). I also need the email address you used to buy the uBlox GPS from DIYdrones store (Just to verify you buy it from me) and the unit has to be shipped to the same address used when you bought unit. If you got you unit from somebody else i will charge a $5 dlls fee for the service. Please PM me for more information.

If somebody outside the US, would like to help a community member from you area, please leave a comment plus your requirements. If somebody near you contact me i will forward him to you.

All the files including LabView source and ArduIMU+ firmware can be downloaded from here and from the repertory as well.

Best Regards.
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  • Developer
    Also note that yaw correction relies on gps ground course. If the IMU is sitting still the yaw will drift. This is not a comment relative to your data, just a general comment.
  • Developer
    @High Society - your data looks, well, bad. I have both v1 and v2 hardware and do not have drift or slow convergence. The drift compensation algorithms should compensate for drift within a matter of seconds. Yaw is the slowest, but is perhaps 20 seconds to 95%.

    Did you select/comment out the correct sensor lines for your hardware type (at about line 78 in the code). If you do not do that and the wrong type is "selected" your IMU will not function properly at all.
  • Developer
    Thanks everyone!

    Julio spotted a new bug that prevent the GPs of working in some cases i will post an update this weekend.

  • Excellent work Jordi, looks stunning!
  • I got it uploaded and it works pretty good. I have mine logging directly to OpenLog. I made a couple of firmware changes in order to output a more plottable log file. I let it log for around 36 minutes and then plotted the Euler angles. I notices a slow convergence on the angles,any thoughts? Do we need to do some temperature. comp.?

  • It's really nice Jordi !
  • Great work Jordi, thanks. Does it have data logging capability?
  • is there a uBlox reconfiguration thread yet?
  • Developer

    Bug?? Yes the black needle is for thousands.
  • Admin
    Good work Jordi, i like the layout
    AH LOL :)) ,
    BTW the altimeter has 3 needles , I guess the black needle is for 1000 !! , do you intend to use Bug for setting heading and altitude? Would be fun if not great.
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