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  • 32bit
  • # 1.- Arduino on steroids
    Core: AVR8
    Data Bus Width: 8 bit
    Program Memory Size: 256 KB
    Maximum Clock Frequency: 16 MHz
    Number of Programmable I/Os: 86
    On-Chip ADC: 16-ch x 10-bit
  • # 2. Now powered by shoveling coal into it - so the Serial port won't feel anachronistic.
    (thanks /.)
  • ARM7 like the netduino
  • 1. Put LEDS on every pin; the one on 13 wasn't enough. Don't you want to see what EVERY pin is doing?
  • Hi Chris,

    CHECK SIX!! Jameco's on your tail!
  • 3D Robotics

    2. Removed the last trace of line numbers in the IDE, and implemented more artist-friendly sonnets and sentences instead.
  • Top 10 Improvements on the new Arduino:

    10. Pin placements have been randomized. ".1 inch centers are for sissies" the team decided.
    9. Replaced Serial communication with Baudot-code "This serial stuff is too modern" they said. "now we are compatible with Morkum brand teletype machines.
    8. Moved the power pins to the Back side of the board. "having the power pins 3 inches from the other pins wasn't far enough; and a 4 wire expansion port is absurd, now people can make Arduino Sandwiches if they want to extend the framework."
    7. Moved the reset button underneath the cpu. "It was just getting pressed all the time, especially with that Serial port thing."
    6. Made the board bigger. SMD allows us to maximize the negative space, and we feel the new design needed more emptiness.
    5. Convinced Freescale and others to drop step-though debugging. We felt we couldn't implement step-through on our Markum terminals, so we got the guys at Freescale hammered and convinced them Step-through was a waste of time.
    4. Disconnected 2 more ADC pins, 6 was more than most people needed, and the 8 available on the SMD chip would just be confusing, so we decided to go with 4 ADC pins.
    3. Moved to 7 volts. We just felt that the sensors and other components people were using with Arduino could benefit by extra voltage, and hey the Markums use 7 volts so why not?
    1. (ideas?)
  • My personal hope is a 1280 Pro Mini
    Ive used the 328Pro Mini for loads of things but it doesn't have enough grunt for separate video stream analysis for my scanner so the FEZ mini has seemed to be the better option (especially as the code is .net anyway atm)
  • Developer
    a merger with arduino + netduino = n3rduino ?? :)

    Interesting to see, well it's about time to have something more and fancy. They have been rather quiet lately so let's see when they have cooked this time. A bit more speed would be nice to have. So let's wait and see...
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