New ArduPilot documentation site

home_ardupilot.jpgIf you have visited recently you may have noticed you are redirected to our new documentation system on This is part of our on-going transformation of the ardupilot project that we announced in a previous post.

The new documentation system is based on sphinx and was designed by Hamish Willee. I think Hamish has done a fantastic job with the new site, creating something that will be easier to manage and update, while using less server resources which should make it more responsive for users.

Updates to the documentation will now be done via github pull requests, using the new ardupilot_wiki repository. That git will also host documentation issues, and includes all the issues from the old tracking repository imported to the new repository.

Many thanks to everyone who has helped with this conversion, including Hamish, Buzz, Jani and Peter.

We have endeavoured to make as many existing URLs auto-redirect to the correct URL on the new site, but there are bound to be some errors for which we apologise. If you find issues with the new site please either respond here or open an issue on the repository.

Happy flying!

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  • @Jani @Tridge yes working now must have been old cache.  Good job the old links are working, great work!

  • Wiki Ninja

    HI @JiroH

    Can you please create a bug about the calibration page in question - we have at least 4 and I don't know which you mean. Easiest way is to go to the page and then at the bottom click the "suggestions may be posted on the forums or the Github Issue Tracker." link as that will create a link to the page.

    We will make the wiki multilingual again. I just need to work out the "right" way to do this (there is good inbuilt support, so I'm talking more about workflow that infrastructure).



  • Developer

    @Fnoop, we do have some apache rules to try to remap links. If you have a specific link to the old site that doesn't work now then please let us know and we can see if we can fix it

  • Developer

    @Fnoop, clear your cache that that should solve your issues. One our dev. had similar issues and after he cleared all links started to work fine. We've been going trough a lot of links and they work. Sure there might be few links that are not working but we have not seen them yet...

  • Great to see everything pushing forward, and thanks to Chris for 'giving up' the name/site for the community.  Hopefully it will go from strength to strength.

    Just to note that the new site has broken all links to the previous site which is a bit of a downer, as there are probably thousands and thousands of links out there pointing to documentation pages.  Perhaps the previous site could be kept for reference somehow on the same urls?

  • Hello Hamish

    "The Calibration steps" on the wiki page is bit confusing. The graphical explanation has been took from accelerometer calibration is just ask to start from "Level the vehicle". But in the video, Randy told to start pointing north. The explanation of Mission planner is hardly understand its meaning from non native.

    If you start multi-language wiki page please let me know. I would like to support on this situation of community.

  • @Randy Hi Randy, do traditional helicopter firmware part, no one continued to develop it? Now AC 3.3.3 Heli, just a little shy of the problem is not perfect, such as built-in support for a Tachometer Input ; as well as support for other V22, Chinook, X3 and other dual-rotor helicopter. 

  • That's great news Randy. There are a lot of rumors flying around. Much appreciated.

  • @Hamish Willee

    I'm sorry for disappeared for a few months. I was learning on business stuff to run Chinese team in a better way.

  • Wiki Ninja

    Hi @StoneBai

    Even better, since this is an SSG and all the sources are public, it should be MUCH easier to keep translations in sync with the wiki now. I'll be looking at the infrastructure to do so over time.



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