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home_ardupilot.jpgIf you have visited recently you may have noticed you are redirected to our new documentation system on This is part of our on-going transformation of the ardupilot project that we announced in a previous post.

The new documentation system is based on sphinx and was designed by Hamish Willee. I think Hamish has done a fantastic job with the new site, creating something that will be easier to manage and update, while using less server resources which should make it more responsive for users.

Updates to the documentation will now be done via github pull requests, using the new ardupilot_wiki repository. That git will also host documentation issues, and includes all the issues from the old tracking repository imported to the new repository.

Many thanks to everyone who has helped with this conversion, including Hamish, Buzz, Jani and Peter.

We have endeavoured to make as many existing URLs auto-redirect to the correct URL on the new site, but there are bound to be some errors for which we apologise. If you find issues with the new site please either respond here or open an issue on the repository.

Happy flying!

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  • The new ardupilot_wiki repository is amazing. Our Chinese team will come back in few days.

    Thanks for all dev team.

  • Developer


    AC is not dead, jeepers.  It's a bit of a rough month which has caused some delays as a few of us search around for new support but we are still plugging away at Copter-3.4.  The last few things we're working on before pushing it out are:

    1. motor library refactoring (just needs some final testing)

    2. terrain following (test flown but needs some more work)

    3. one-shot support (only barely started).

    Maybe I'll push out a version before having all items complete so that people can start testing the other parts.

    By the way, I gave a keynote speech at the JapanDrone conference yesterday and preparing for that has taken up some of my time but it all went very well though.


  • This is great and please don't take this the wrong way, but I am compelled to ask.

    Is Arducopter dead? I (and many others no doubt) have been looking forward all winter for AC 3.4 with new features like UAVCAN support, dual GPS fixes and other neat stuff  only to find out it is 3+ months behind and apparently Randy has lost support. There is no 3.4 thread and the 3.3 beta thread is pretty much vacated.

    Apologies if this has been addressed and overreacting, but I'm sitting on 5 AC powered copters and am wondering if it is time to start looking at a different FC system. It would be a sad, sad day not to mention expensive and a whole new learning curve.

    To top it off, the Zubax 2 precision GPS/baro/compass module is now released (I've been watching for it), and AC 3.3 will not support it. Zubax suggesting moving to PX4. Huh? Is that the right answer?

  • Wiki Ninja

    @Justin I believed I have fixed this - please try again! 

  • Wiki Ninja

    @Justin, are you saying that you can't toggle the menu as you can in this site:

    I'll try get hold of a mini to test. In the meantime, can you please raise an issue with as much detail as possible: - Test your mobile sites and responsive web designs with the Apple iPad Mini - Test your mobile sites and web applications right from your browser
  • Thanks

  • I can't view anything on an iPad mini. The menu does not collapse so I am unable to see content.
  • The one thing I would like to see is more information on porting ardupilot to other platforms. I feel like I haven't been able to find much in that regard other than infomation about the switch to ap_hal.

  • I hope I found a little issue, I check in this page at the end, I try to go to the  Github Issue Tracker and ask me for an user name instead to go here to the new ardupilot wiki that Andrew mention and works well.

    First Flight with Copter — Copter documentation
  • Nice!!!! Thank's

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