New AttoPilot 6DOF IMU Stryker flight over lake

Here is the latest flight with the AttoPilot IMU 6DOF flying a Stryker delta wing.
Autonomous hand launch straight into the mission, rudders also added for yaw stabilization.
Tuning isnt quite complete yet but very close! :)

KML file attached also.

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  • After well over 300hrs of logged autonomous flight I seem to be less worried then most. Now the other guys with me............ BUT. AS YOU SAID! There are those sweaty palm times. Good reason to stay over a lake they are draining and will not be in use until 2012.

  • Oh my gentle Jesus... I imagine your palms were sweaty wondering if you were gonna see your plane back! LOL! trees all around and it goes solo mission over a lake. Gotta love it!
  • Parkzone Stryker C RTF minus RX, yes its spelled wrong. AttoPilot IMU for control, key chain camera for video. I have also added rudders to the vertical stabs for active yaw dampening.

  • Stryker- flight cool now where can I find out more about the aircraft?
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