New colour night vision camera


If you have quite a wedge of loose change down the back of the sofa this might be a fun thing to purchase!

Those long evenings hiding in a tree now in colour!

The Tau CNV color and monochrome cameras deliver near starlight-level imaging and are designed for security, military EO systems, hyperspectral imaging, and traffic monitoring applications. The CNV operates on less than 4 Watts of power, weighs less than 175 grams, and takes up approximately 150cm of volume.

press release here

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  • @Squalish

    most night vision is monochrome, in green because the human eye can see more shades of green then any other color, because monochrome sensors are more sensitive to light then a color sensors. it seems that they have made a extremely sensitive array of color sensor that can give you daylight like color images from near starlight level of light alone.

    so that means no more fuzzy green images.

  • Color night vision? What is that supposed to mean?
  • Can't wait for the 1st image.  Guess it requires some stem cell injections.

  • I would prefer a price drop on thermal imaging !

  • I think this is a sale snake oil camera. Though some are geared for night vision in the spectrum and cost $1000's of  dollars.

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