New Confiq. Tool: Now supports up to 48 waypoints!

Finally i figure out the problem that was limiting the number of waypoints on ArduPilot. The issue was in several parts (Confiq. tool, Ardupilot code and Atmega328 fuse bits). Anyway is ready (i guess) and you can download the Confiq. Tool from (Note that this Confiq. Tool is not HappyKillMore approved yet ;-) )The latest code for ArduPilot can be found here: the fuse bits i guess SparkFun is using the same configuration used for the Atmegas168, and the Atmega328 is different. When i was trying to debug the EEPROM and tried to dump it with the ISP and it was clear (only 0xFF's). Then i checked the fuses and I discovered that the EEPROM protection was enabled and the Bootloader protection was disabled. So i guess some ArduPilot's will fail overtime and you will need to reprogram the Bootloader. Why? Because when you don't protect the bootloader section (the one used to upload the firmware via the serial port) may get corrupted in some scenarios. I will notify about the problem.Before posting this i took a brand new ArduPilot, i ripped off the pink plastic bag and i read the fuses, and yeap the same issue:

[UPDATE]: The official realease of the Cofiq Tool is here
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  • 3D Robotics
    I'm getting FAILED results too; I'll check with Jordi on how to do this.
  • Is Source code for Confiq. Tool is avaliable ? I would like to mearge that with my GCS which i am building in WPF with image processing and other stuff. Please let me know where i can find it.
  • Hi Jordi,

    I getting FAILED massage. Can you help?

  • Hi
    hope u ll enjoying ur good health
    i visit ur blog its nice
    Now u have some tools relaated to drones plz tell me hoe to download and then run on PC
  • Developer
    Hi Chris, the right fuses should look like this:

  • 3D Robotics
    Jordi, for those of us with AVR programmers, what are the correct fuse settings? EEPROM unprotected and bootloader protected? So that's LB cleared and BLB1 set?
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