Hello Diy Drones Universe,

Here at CAD Drones LLC we are currently looking for 20 Beta Testers of the Drone Parachute System we are now currently selling. To get this affordable product to the Drone Industry we have to have video from people sharing their success with our product! Currently we have only a small number of customers all of which have had great success but many of which are very busy or do work with systems/companies that they are not allowed to share information/results of our product to the public. We are not able to offer the Beta Testers free products but we are fully willing to offer 25%-40% OFF our already extremely affordable products to the Beta Testers. All we ask in return from the Beta Testers is:

  • Have an extreme passion and love for Drones/UAVs and the growth of the industry
  • Own either a Quadcopter, Fixed Wing Plane, R/C Model Aircraft, or an R/C Watercraft
  • Share blogs on our dedicated Drone Parachute Forum on CADDrones.com
  • In these blogs please share your results, tips, personal opinion on the product, any possible improvements you would suggest, and anything else that will help show our customers that these products work at an affordable price
  • Video's documentation of your test, results, and tips is essential to help get this off the ground so if your able to please create videos for your blog posts on our dedicated forum

If interested please contact me at: JoshuaAllenJohnson@gmail.com or fill out our "Contact Us" Form on our store page!

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  • Hey Mohammad,

    I just replied to your email.  We have those recommendations in the description when you click on one of our products on our store page.

  • I already contacted you, if it's possible count me in, I think parachutes is the safest failsafe methods right now.

    Oh ya, btw, how much weight the parachutes will able to handle? 


  • what do you mean how many cost? :)

  • how many cost ??

  • Hey Richard,

    I'm busy right putting together further details for all the beta testers. Let me get back to you on that. Currently we are not able to do it for free but might be able to in the future.

    Joshua Johnson
  • We are having great success with the call out for beta testers so if your interested contact us ASAP.

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