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Passionate about future technology that benefits to the greater good of mankind. graduated from architect and post graduated in Magister Management, now i kickstart 2 company and 1 of them are GIS/IT/and (gavination.com) then..falling in love with UAV (since 2012 actually, saw draganFly).

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

For mankind greater good -> my country Indonesia is an archipelago country and very large. For disaster, surveillance, security, and mapping for development, UAV are definitely useful. Also I have intereset in photo/cinematography. And when I fly the UAV, that's where I'm into it, flying, programming and get result from UAV.


Bintaro, Jakarta, Indonesia

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MOHAMMAD RIZKI commented on Joshua Johnson's blog post NEW Drone Recovery Parachute System Looking For 20 Beta Testers!
"I already contacted you, if it's possible count me in, I think parachutes is the safest failsafe methods right now.
Oh ya, btw, how much weight the parachutes will able to handle? 
May 24, 2015