New Emlid Raspbian for Raspberry Pi and Navio+/Navio2


Hovering Navio2-powered hexa to keep you reading

We’ve recently released a new version of Emlid Raspbian for Raspberry Pi and Navio. It got a modernized interface making the way you interact with Navio even easier.

This update also adds notable features simplifying software development and hardware integration. All this expands the scope of applications within all the same and only RasPi and Navio on board of your drone!





  • ArduCopter 3.4.6, ArduPlane 3.7.1, ArduRover 3.1.2 are preinstalled by default

  • a bunch of systemd scripts to get you in the air as easy as it can be and also minimizing risks of misconfiguration

  • easy frame selection

ROS (Indigo):

  • For those looking to expand Navio capabilities beyond what ArduPilot offers, Robotics Operating System now comes preinstalled. It is a robust and accessible framework to build complicated robots.

  • Indigo release

  • mavros

  • Mavproxy

  • Extensive documentation


Do you remember Robotic Mower with the Navio2, it’s running ROS:



  • This is a new tool to make it easier for you to get information about your board, OS, kernel and etc. It will be used for other awesome features in the future. Just type emlidtool to get a hang of it!


Experimental Wi-Fi broadcast:

  • Lets you broadcast video stream over Wi-Fi without introducing handshake delays giving you a feel of analogous video stream. It supports two chipsets at the moment (Ralink RT5572 and Atheros AR9172).


Check out Wi-fi broadcast projects by our community member Yannis in his blog.


With the latest firmware update we've updated the developer section in our docs. It's easy to start programming RasPi+Navio with many examples available in Python and C++:

  • Barometer
  • ADC
  • PWM output
  • RC input
  • RCIO
  • 9DOF IMU
  • AHRS

  • GPS

In the end, here is a cool autonomous RC car with Navio2 running modified Donkey (the tutorial):

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  • sorry correction OSD and not OSF.

  • When can we expect OSF with the wifi broadcast. that would be very useful.

  • this time I will be flying the same mission with wifi broadcast switchd on.

  • Hi Ravi, Thank you for the feedback!

    Using antennas you've mentioned sounds reasonable

  • I have also tried the new raspi image of AC3.4.6 which includes wifi broadcast. The video works fine. I have to check it for long range. For long range I need higher 2.4Ghz antennas. The included antennas would not give longer range. also I am using RF900 for telemetry at the moment. the next best addition would be to have OSD along with wifi broadcast. I intend to use 14dbi patch antenna on ground and cloverleaf on the aircraft. any suggetions?

  • great autopilot. I had installed Navio2 on a hexa frame and using for crop dusting with 1Ltr of pesticide with AC3.4 (beta). there was no issue with the software. I have used maxbotix EZ1040 sonar for low altitude sensing.. the sonar works fine when the ground is plain and maintains very accurate height. but on tall crop the aircraft could not maintain altitude accurately. I intend to use a LIDAR. but even with beta verison of AC3.4 the aircraft flies great. here is the video. hexacopter spraying pesticide. the flying grid was generated using mission planner.

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