Watch out if you are tempted to look over the wall at the ball game. The FAA have issued a NOTAM that no doubt event operators will enforce on their behalf. It brings model aircraft and RPAS within a NOTAM previously enacted post 9/11 for full sized aircraft.

What does it mean, if your flying field is within 3nm of major sporting events you should not be flying when those events are happening.

That strikes me as a little bit arbitrary for model aircraft a limit of half a mile would more than cover it. I suspect that TV rights at sports events has more to do with this than safety.

I'm busy mapping the 180 odd stadiums that meet the TFR requirement should have it done within the hour and will add it here and at sUAS News

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  • This was an existing post-9/11 NOTAM for manned aircraft that was recently updated to include UAV/RPAS aircraft.  

  • T3

    Seems likes the FAA promulgating regulation regarding model airplanes to me....hmmm didn't congress prohibit that in 2012?

    Oh wait, I forgot, according to the FA: model airplanes, paper airplanes and baseballs are all covered by FAR part 91...and have been since 1958.

  • So much for Amazon's delivery drones - at least in Seattle. Most of the city is within 3 nautical miles of a stadium.

  • A NOTAM is filed with an aviation authority to alert aircraft pilots of any hazards en route or at a specific location. The authority in turn provides a means of disseminating relevant NOTAMs to aircraft pilots.

    What non-pilot (hobby flying enthusiast) is going to search NOTAMs, this is just another way the FAA is trying to control without regulations in place. Document the regulations and you won't need to hid regulations in a NOTAM....


  • Gary, I agree with the assumptions made,  I think if you follow the cash typically you find all the answers needed, With optics becoming so good, and digital processing even better you can imagine on a clear day at even several thousand feet away how good the media replication could be of these events. This with the added need for security I am sure in is the basis for this direction. Not surprising that it comes on the heals of the recent Futbol Drone debacle

  • While 3 nanometers would be just fine, 3 nautic miles seems too much indeed...As if people had too little authorities all around, the big-time sports has now joined the ranks of them.
    Welcome the brave new world!

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