jDrones IOBoard with MAVLink & FrSky bridge
New version of jD-IOBoard MAVLink / FrSky bridge software is now available on our download area. This version contains several bug fixes and also new features.

Also new jD-IOBoard Configurator is available on download area. New Configurator needs IOBoard firmware to be at least v0.5 to get all new features and configuration options to work.

Main IOBoard firmware fixes/features:

  • Voltage/Cell count improved
  • Output pins can now be configured
  • FrSky telemetry can be enabled/disabled
  • Ground speed is working correctly
  • LOW Battery alarm introduced
  • Request factory reset on reboot added
  • Rear light patterns now saves correctly
  • Many small optimization and fixes

Configurator features:

  • New tab to configure Output pin locations
  • Version checks for firmware
  • easy issue tracking, download buttons added
  • EEPROM saving improved
  • Accidental saves without parameters is now impossible
  • Low battery alarm threshold added
  • IOBoard pin orders added

Issue tracker for IOBoard firmware in Github here

Issue tracker for Configurator in Github here

Please use issue trackers for enhancement/bug reports/comments

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  • Developer

    Currently configurator software only works with MAVLink firmware. Board is Arduino compatible so it can be programmed easily with normal Arduino IDE in anyways users want. 

    There are several example programs in our repository at github.

  • Hi JD,

    is there a way to also program "MavLink"-independed blink-pattern? Could you please point me to the right direction? Thank you!

  • On question: will I be able to receive this telemetry on taranis with opentx2.01 and telemtry in D mode?
  • hi, i have a 9x with working telemetry mod and newest opentx mavlink firmware. now i bought the IOboard v1.1 with new 05a firmware uploaded and checkbox frsky activatet. i have connected everything as shown. when i switch on everythig no telemetry data is displayed on 9x!!! any help would be greatly appreciated 

  • Any chance that these can be sold by 3DR here in the states so we don't have to pay so much in shipping to get them here from Thailand!

  • MR60

    I see and the purpose of fryskyf telemetry bridge?

  • Developer

    Th jdrones IO board is mostly used for easily driving leds.  It's cool in that it listens to the telemetry output from the APM, interprets it and lights up the leds according to armed/disarmed status, etc.  The FrSky telemetry bridge is exactly the kind of thing that we shouldn't put into the main flight controller but should instead should put on these types of separate boards.

    jD-IOBoard v1.1, MCU controlled IO Board for driving LEDs, Relays, Servos
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  • MR60

    what is the board for ?

This reply was deleted.