After years of development, I can finally announce the project I've been working on... the NanoQ Copter and Mimix Controller.  It's a tilt-controlled, palm-sized, quad with multi-team aerial gaming.  We've just launched it on Kickstarter, so checkout the video of it flying at http://KickstartMimix.com!

Now for some specs...

NanoQ Copter Specs

  • Size - 5.25" from motor to motor
  • Weight - 35 Grams
  • Batteries - Single Cell Lithium Polymer
  • Battery Charger - Dual Port, USB Compatible
  • Flight Time - 8-10 mins
  • Range - 30+ meters (RF digital comms)
  • Max Payload - 10 grams (does effect flight time)

Mimix Controller Specs:

  • Designed for Ease of Use, Ergonomics, and Aesthetics
  • One Handed Control
  • Works in both left and right hands
  • Battery - USB Rechargable Lithium Polymer
  • Operating time - 3-4 hours

I'm opening up both our RF Digital Communications Protocol, Onboard Serial Protocol, and the IR Gaming Protocol for people to make their own add-ons, modify the controls, and stream back telemetry.  There will also a USB radio dongle so you can send and receive messages from your computer.

There's lots additional information on our webpage (http://KickstartMimix.com), so take a look.  I'd be glad to answer any questions!

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  • Oooops, missed that!  Yes, you are right!  Strike the ground target suggestion.

    FPV suggestion still stands :)

  • Great idea...  here are my layman's suggestions.

    I think for those who cannot/do not want to buy another one of these drones for a "dogfight", you may want to create an environment for single drone fun. What sets your drone apart from other drones is the IR gun. You can make and sell some low-cost stand alone pod sensors (use the one from the drone since it's already made) that can be placed around the house for target shooting. That would also allow several people to make runs against stationary targets with their own drone. Or you can hang the sensor pod and let it swing, move etc. This way if you want to buy only one drone, you can still enjoy the dogfighting/target shooting option (which again sets this drone apart from other drones in its class or above its class).    This way you could sell a lot more drones too.

    I also disagree on the camera not adding any value. You could use it for an obstacle course target shooting game with FPV by placing those remote sensor pods around the house and various places.

    Also, wouldn't FPV dogfight be more fun?  On your computer screen's FPV view you can place a gun crosshair in the video window and shoot at the other drone like in those good old Atari games against asteroids.

    For a lot ore complex games, you could also have these pod sensor "wifi" capable and "report back" to a computer where they would form part of a grid of challenges graphically displayed on  the screen along with a FPV windows. The job would be to navigate from room to room, or from obstacle to obstacle, to compete a course.

  • Hey Sergei!  I just responded to your questions on the Kickstarter board, so go check those out over there.  

    You're right, it is very hard to compete with some of the super low-cost toys coming out of China.  That's why we put lots of thought into how to add value though quality, good engineering, and being more fun for a longer period of time.  After all, we're making toys and toys should be fun, right?  

    BTW, we are half the cost of an AR.Drone...  We don't have a camera, but who uses the AR Drone camera anyway?

  • P.S. Just backed the project :-) 

  • Looks great! $150 is a bit high compared to say, the Ladybird/AR.Drone, but I can definitely sympathize with trying to compete with Walkera or Parrot.. Cool controller concept!

  • @ Harrison.  Thanks for your support!  Let me know if you have any questions.

  • I have backed, should make a nice toy

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