New Low Cost AHRS Sensor Board

Daisy 7 and Fox G20


Daisy 7 is a module with 9DOF Digital MEMS Accelerometer, Giroscope, Magnetometer, Barometer and GPS receiver in just 4x4cm Fully compatible with the cpu board Fox G20.

The cpu board is ARM9 processor at 400mhz

link to Daisy 7


  • Digital triple axis accelerometer magnetometer and gyroscope
  • Digital-output X, Y, and Z-Axis ±2g ±4g ±8g dynamically selectable full-scale acceleration
  • Digital-output X, Y, and Z-Axis angular rate sensors (gyros) on one integrated circuit with a range of 250/500/2000 °/sec
  • Digital-output X, Y, and Z-Axis ±0.88/1.33/1.9/2.5/4.0/4.7/5.6/8.1Ga dynamically selectable full-scale magnetometer
  • Fast and low noise GPS
  • Digital pressure sensor 0.03hPa (resolution 0.25m) ultra high resolution
  • Fast Mode I2C (400kHz) and serial interface
  • 16 bit data output ADCs provide simultaneous sampling of gyros and acceleration while requiring no external multiplexer
  • 10000 g high shock survivability
  • Enhanced bias and sensitivity temperature stability reduces the need for user calibration
  • RoHS and Green compliant


  • Motion activated functions
  • Free-fall detection
  • Intelligent power saving for handheld devices
  • Appliances and robotics
  • Display orientation
  • Gaming and virtual reality input devices
  • Motion Control
  • IMU inertial measurement unit & AHRS
  • GPS tracking
  • Black box
  • Motion reconstruction and analysis

the code to create an AHRS and test is located here

AHRS Fox Board

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  • Bellissimo progetto, complimenti!

  • yes is present the extended kalman filter and the reconstruction filter is based on WMM and GMM calculated using the GPS.

    The software is open and is developed using matlab simulink

  • price is reasonable, but 400MHz? Isn't it a bit of an overkill? Or are you kalman-filtering?

  • having digital gyro, accelerometer, magnetometer, barometer and GPS does not have ahigh cost,

    considering the libraries and open source software developed is a beautiful AHRS

  • cheap ? uh ?

  • cheap ?

  • 118 Euro,

  • 99 Euros another 15 for the gps receiver unsure on shipping

  • Looks nice, but where is the price for this low cost board?

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