New - Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition (free)

Click to see full size image of Arduino programming in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

Microsoft has release a full featured version of Visual Studio 2013 free for open source projects or personal use and small business users.

This is great news for the the Visual Micro Arduino IDE plugin. The Visual Micro guide for APM is located here and Visual Micro can be downloaded from here

Until now, developers who did not own a copy of Visual Studio have been able to use Atmel Studio for their Arduino/APM development (Atmel Studio is based on Visual Studio 2010).

Visual Studio 2013 brings a number of additional benefits over Atmel Studio such as great code visibility and powerful code explorers.

Visual Studio Community 2013

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  • and forgot to say you can use "Project>Upload Last Sketch Build" instead of running the compile and upload

  • Ho Thomas,

    It's great to hear you have it working well. The 3DR instructions for Visual Micro were obviously written by a Visual Studio user because it is F5 in Visual Studio. You can see the short cuts of each Ide next to the respective menu items.

    I recommend using Visual Studio 2013 Community. The intellisense and code explorers are more sophisticated and I believe work as you have suggested.

    Happy to look at pixhawk sometime, are there any windows build instructions?

  • Hi Thomas, This is how Arduino libraries work. You can click the "Project>Show Sketch Core and Library Sources" menu to toggle the sources in/out of the project :)

  • That's great to hear and thanks for the overview. I will add the MegaPirates HAL board to the board.txt on APMinstall page

    One question ...

    Caveat: While VS works great on the ArduCopter app files, the project cannot get to the \libraries (APxxxx) files because they are “includes”; needs some fudging.

    Can you explain more please? Did you set your sketchbook folder to the correct location for APM projects? The sketchbook folder is used to find the libraries folder (sketchbook\libraries)


  • I couldn't get it to work with Atmel Studio, so I uninstalled that and installed Visual Studio and then Visual Micro.  It took hours but it works great.  I even built and uploaded.

  • Hi Thomas, Thanks for the tip about the typo in the link

  • Hi Visual Micro

    Only a small hint: your Visual Micro link is missing an 'r'

    means:  should be changed to   :)

  • Hi Thomas,

    The plugin supports Intel, Texas Instruments, ChipKIT and Maple. I know some guys using it for Stm32 but i think they found a better core than Maple via the sparkfun site.

    The plugin also supports the Arduino 1.5 third party build process so can be adapted for various non-arduino hardware.

    If you have a suggestion that would be of interest to others then please feel free to join the forum and start a thread.



  • Great news. I'll have to give Visual Micro another look now. 

  • Been using Visual micro for years, great tool, many thanks :)

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