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3689412367?profile=originalIf you update to the latest Mission Planner (1.05) you'll see a cool new feature Michael Oborne has just added: integrated OSD video! Just select your video input device from your aircraft's camera feed from the Configuration screen (Planner tab) and it will replace the background of the artificial horizon on the GCS, turning it into a heads-up display instead, as shown in the left window above.


Pretty cool, huh? It's a virtual OSD!


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  • Analog video TX on the plane, sends to an nalog video RX on the ground. That is connected through a device like this http://www.altoedge.com/video/video-to-usb-ae-easycap.html


  • With Bob Jones I too am confused as to how the Analog video feed gets to the computer? Coaxial input? external hardware required or is it integrated into the laptop?

    Thanks in advance,


  • I remember reading somewhere that lower baud rates do not give sufficient speed for all up and down telemetry. The minimum desirable is 38400, if I remember right. You may get partial functionality at 19200, but I've never tested these rates myself.
  • @don brooks, sorry i mean the transmiter data for telemtry for change the xbee function, not for video :)


  • video will not work at 9600bps (or over any xbee telemetry link). It requires an AV transmitter/receiver.
  • nice..

    but can i change the baudrate to 9600bps?

    couse i only have low rate wirelless. :(

  • How do you send it out to the goggles?

  • Wow you guys are amazing! I have my quad flying, scratch built frame. Xbees working fine so I guess I can embarass myself with a dumb question or 2?! What hardware do I need besides a camera? I thought I would need a seperate video input which my laptop does not have. Is the OSD transmitted via Xbee? Thats like 3 questions???

    I have noticed that using this software my quad shows up pretty accurately, within a couple of metres or so but when I switch to the Happy Killmore version it is shown on the roof of my neighbours house! Perhaps just stick with this one then?!

    Thanks again Guys

  • Can you undock and resize the video window.  If not, it would be a really useful feature for a dual monitor setup.

    Or send it to HMD (via a VGA to composite converter if neccesary). Not sure if the latemcy in the transfers would result in PIO (pilot induced oscillation), but worth a try, HMD are on the way...


    Great application - interface is intuitive and attractive.

    Thank you



  • Now that is a nice feature. I wonder how hard it would be to get this running on something small enough to use as a handheld... I'm thinking Android SDK, Motorola Xoom and some custom thumbsticks...

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