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  • need the site info to order.... come on man stop teasing....

  • Looks very nice, now we just need the launcher / catch wire kit as well!

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    It's not for order, Still need to be tested.
  • where you can order? price?

  • an another one3692385544?profile=original

  • I'm very interesting too

    i see something like this at milipol show  Paris 20113692385992?profile=original 

  • Do you sell them?

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    Well it's not made for goPro. I'm not sure it Will fit the nose.

    Fuselage: glasfiber
    Wings: balse fullcovered.
  • Excellent design,

    most uav's have long wings glider style more efficent nice..............

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    Is there enough room in the nose for a gopro? How long till Boeing sends a letter ;-)

    Looks quite small.

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