We've been hard at work improving our popular NGB filter glass over the summer and the latest design is finally in! This design cuts off higher wavelength NIR light around 770nm. That reduces the amount of light crossing over to the Green and Blue channels which are also sensitive to NIR light, especially at higher wavelengths. The results are better than we could have expected! Check out my full post on Droneyard for more info: 


Filters are available now, as are pre-converted and ready for flight SX260s and S100s with CHDK.

There are discounts available for resellers and OEMs, so please contact us before making an order!

And in addition to that, we're now offering the 20.3MP APS-C Samsung NX1100 as a regular option on the E384. The option includes a 20mm pancake lens and a hatch cover system to protect the lens for belly landings. More info on the NX1100 addition, including a sample mosaic, here.


Let me know what you think. We have lots of exciting projects in the pipeline to be announced shortly as well and we can't post everything here, so check out Droneyard.com for the latest!

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  • @Matthew - it looks like the cost will be around $300-400 for large external filter glass for the NX1100 or similar cameras. I think we're going to hold off on that for the moment as I don't think there's enough interest to justify the lot size needed to even get that price. Let me know if you think I'm wrong with that assessment!

  • OK I will look into the setting a little more, but thank you this will help me get some numbers for now until I figure it out!

  • Are you looking at the color image or the black and white image? If the B&W, I'm not sure, it might be a setting. Mine just happened to be like that already. But 0-255 is the normal range of pixel values so take whatever number you get and subtract 128 and divide by 128 to get the -1 to 1 representation.

  • Any idea why when I do that same thing I am still getting the values of 0-255 instead of -1 to 1 after using the single image NDVI option in the Photo Monitoring plugin?

  • I used the live histogram and took the mean after selecting the leaves individually.

  • How were the average NDVI values for each leaf derived within Fiji?

  • @Knut that would be great, I'd be happy to work with you on that!

    Sorry for the confusion, we don't have NGB filters for the APS-C sensors yet. I haven't priced them out but I think they would be extremely expensive based on the significant size difference and likely much smaller batch sizes. I'll look into it and see if it's something we can reasonably offer.

  • Looks good. Will you sell the APS-C filter separately like your other ones? And was the Samsung NX1100 chosen for its spectral response or because of cost/dimensions/other factors?

  • Thank you. I'm working on an NDVI processing software. Maybe I can build some software presets that take the imaging characteristics of your new filters into account.

  • Not yet, we haven't gotten much out of the office just trying to fill back orders and the new ones coming in now... We will head out to a farm shortly though. We'll definitely have some imagery next week and I'll update that on our blog/will add a link here.

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