Dear All,

We're pleased to announce the upcoming launch of our newest online course, which several colleagues at the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) have already taken. 

The course draws on the collective lessons learned and best practices in the use of cargo drones in public health during the past 5 years, including the most recent insights and real-world deployments. As such, the course combines WeRobotics' first-hand experience in operational cargo drone projects with the first-hand experience of our partners and the expertise of other leaders in the cargo drone space. Full details here.

We'd be very grateful if you could kindly forward this new opportunity to your relevant contacts and networks. We also hope you'll be able to join us for this course and share your own expertise and experience.

Many thanks and very best,


Dr. Patrick P. Meier
Executive Director & Co-Founder
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  • Hey Patrick! We finally made it to DIYDrones! Been my dream ever since I started using ArduPilot. Thanks Patrick :D

  • Thanks Sander!

  • 100KM

    Hi Patrick,

    Looks good, i'll forward this to our other NGO partners, they will surely be interested.

    PS: the TEDx link below your post is dead
    PS2: love the dramatic DeltaQuad picture at 6:50 in the video :)

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