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    My take on this is that someone in DJI looked at their retractable landing gear and said "hey, this looks kinda like a H frame". And I kinda like the idea of combining the landing gear and the frame into one. It's going to be very compact when folded all the way together for transport.

    But at the same time as Gary mentioned. All this is adding complexity and weight. There is still nothing that beats a minimalist CF tube frame for rigidity (better flight performance) and low weight (increased flight times).

  • somehow coming form this design

    i like the idea of 2+2 motors on two main arms...

  • instead of a coaxial octa x8 w/ recratible legs, this new frame seem sto solve the problem of legs... nice design..

  • this patent looks like could rotate motor groups in parallel to vectorise the prop direction. but in picture it looks like a cage design with only suspensions underneath. if turning the beams of motor arm, arms has to be a centred position and orthogonal to its beams.

    so there are two things in this new frame:

    1) new configuration, may improve air dynamic efficiency by lifting fuselage above porp air flow (airware quad has the same configuration)

    2) cage CF frame integrating camera/gimbal module, bat is locked between CF fuselage, may strengthen the body

    and patent has no real meaning with this new frame

    and another interesting thing about this take-off check, is they are finally testing dual GPS setup,

    more interesting discovery is about asymmetrical design of antenna on new TX, they may integrate a new FPV antenna on the other side, or an redundant RX (check new dji issued FCC doc)

  • Have they hit 1000 ways to rearrange a quad copter by now?

  • @Rob

    Cloaking device is called 'fly away mode' in DJI speak.

  • The Bebop has an array of ceramic patch antennas for downward-facing wifi, they can easily be misidentified as GPS antennas.

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    They are selling them in France, the rest of us must wait. 

  • Speaking of Parrot BeBop this is the first announcement I have seen of price at 500 Euros - sounds about right $632.00.

    Seems like they might actually be getting ready to actually sell them - we will see!

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    Oh hang on a minute, the new French site shows GPS/GLONASS I think there has been a change. Thats the Russian and American system together as one ;-)

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