New prop mounts


Now standard on the 850Kv AC2830 motors, or as replacement kit.

Bill Bonney recently made a blog post about these -- including a how-to on replacing the shaft. 

I just checked the runout on a couple of these and found no more than .004"

Please note that the prop should go on first so that it fits down over the unthreaded shoulder of the shaft. This provides a slop-free fit on the shaft. The spacer goes on top of the prop, followed by the cap nut. 

Alan and I were talking this over today, and realized that the spacers are not needed at all. The prop nuts have enough internal depth to seat on the prop directly without bottoming out on the top of the shaft (NOTE: if your prop hubs are thinner than the 6.5mm APCs then you may need the spacer). One less part to fiddle with and a little less rotating weight!

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    K, Tnx

  • That's not a spacer, it's the mount itself.


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    Is this  spacer fitted upside down? I thought it goes other way(it would mate better to both side items)3692718836?profile=original

  • Soren,

    Are you referring to a nylock type of nut?


  • Hi, that's great! I have flown with this type for long (Axi) and with no issues.

    The 3 or 4 screws that hold them to the motor should be secured with Loctite. Locking nuts should (no, must) be used for the props. Locking nuts cannot be reused. Well those who like to experiment can reuse them with Locktite.

    A quick and dirty way to improve balance is to put marks eg. 12 around the circumference of the adapter, and one on the propeller. Make a test run with all 12 possible alignments and choose the best one. Neither motor nor prop will be perfectly balanced unless you pay $$$ for them, but often one can use the imbalance in one to counter that in the other.



  • I would like to see CW and CCW threaded prop nut variations.

  • Developer

    Machining errors withstanding, these hard mounts are MUCH better then the old 3DR solution with a collet at the end of a long motor shaft.

  • Not having a big experience with different types of motors I can't point to the favorite type of mounts but I can show why I don't like this type. Check the attached screen from this blog post.

    Of course, it could be that I just had a bad luck and it's all because cheap machining. It does not mean that all of such kind of mounts will be bad. It's just my bad experience witch such.

  • It's definitely an improvement over the previous collets.

    Can you show us what type you prefer Marooned?



  • What's new about them? I have the same for my old motors and I hate them. No way to make the threaded part exactly aligned with the shaft. Of course it's all about the precision of making both parts but it's just another thing that could go wrong and add more vibrations.
    If I'll be buing new motors in the future, for sure they won't have such props mount.
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