New release of UgCS and goodies up for grab!

Hi guys!

We have rolled out new version of  U[g]CS Beta 1.2.75.

You can download it at Please login to site first to access downloads!

We have updated documentation and manuals for connecting supported drones. Please see them here

New in this version:

Redesigned route calculation and drone controls. Now you can add another drone, recalculate route for it and upload data while first is in the air. No need to recalculate whole mission, upload and start all the drones at the same time.

Mikrokopter support has been added.

Right now we support 6 autopilots:

- ArduPilot (copter, plane, rover )

- Pixhawk (field tested with copters, should work with rest as well)

- ArDrone 2.0 with Flight recorder installed

- Mikrokopter

- Microdrones

- UNAV – not field tested and not included in package, if there are crazy guys who would like to give it a try before we do, please let me know! ;)

Things to know:

Password is admin. Who reads manuals nowadays right! ;)

By default mission starting place is our office at Spilve aerodrome, Riga, Latvia. (“Missions”, then “Create new”)

If you wish to explore Riga scroll to the old town SE from our office. There are plenty of 3D buildings to demo obstacle avoidance (calculation could be slow)

Try to find our TV tower, one of tallest buildings in EU ;)

For comfortable navigation to your location please use 2D map, true Earth globe map will be in next release. Additionally in settings you can set coordinates of default location to your desired place.

Known issues:

Annoying stuff we know and are fixing. List available here

For support and help please join and post at UGCS group here at or write to

Goodies up for grab!

And now to the best part. If somebody is brave enough to fly his drones with our software for them we have prepared polos with our logos!

Just fly and show us what you did it by sending report to us or publishing your experience here at

All type of feedback is welcome, suggestions, bug reports, impressions, videos, etc.

Rest we need to know is just your address and size :)

There are currently 30 polos up for grabs. We reserve right to add more!

Good luck,

U[g]CS Team

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Comment by Quadzimodo on June 19, 2014 at 10:57pm
Your logo is brilliant. I just love it!
Comment by Janis Kuze on June 20, 2014 at 3:09am

Thanks! We hope to polish the software to the same state as well! :)

Comment by John Stuart on July 1, 2014 at 10:57am

Is this mainly a mission planning utility or will you give access to flight control setup too? I fly both MKs and APM/Pixhawk and I'd love a 'one-stop' mission planner, but would I still need to use those FC's OEM software to change the setup of the FC?

Also, I am in South Africa, is this region supported in your maps?

Is it possible to cache offline maps so that missions can be planned without internet access? This is very important in most of Africa, where bandwidth is limited or non-existent.


Comment by Janis Kuze on July 1, 2014 at 12:24pm


If you have particular business project where you would need such functionality please let me know at Our modular architecture generally supports all kinds of modification and integration.

UgCS supports most of popular map formats, any map source can be connected. For offline you can cache (check box at map source settings) or setup your own map server on the same PC/UAV control setup. Therefore one can use commercial maps or georeferenced images with UgCS.


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