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New sensors in the DIY Drones store

Over the past few months, Jordi has added a bunch of new sensors in the DIY Drones store, which can be used with ArduIMU+ or ArduPilotMega. Here are the latest ones:

"This is a triple axis ST MEMS gyroscope board, it has one LPR530AL for Pitch and Roll and one LPY530AL for Yaw. Capable to measure the angular velocity with a full scale of 300°/s. Three different analog outputs are provided for the x- , y- axes and z - axes - one 1x amplified and the other 4x amplified. This boards is designed with a removable edges, in case you don't want to screw the board to your project you can just easily break them away to keep the minimal size" ($39.90)

HMC5843 - Triple Axis Magnetometer

"This is a 3-axis digital compass board based on the Honeywell's HMC5843. Communication with the HMC5843 is done through an I2C interface. The board has an I2C translator and 3.3V power regulator that will easily let you use it with 3.3V and 5V applications using a solder jumper. This magnetometer can be used on our ArduIMU+ and ArduPilotMega Shield or any microcontroller." ($44.90)

Pressure Sensor SCP1000-D11 Board (I2C)

"The D11 version of the SCP1000 is similar to the D01, but it communicates via a two-wire (I2C) interface, rather than SPI. The SCP1000 is the first absolute pressure sensor on the market to use MEMS technology.

This sensor has a 30kPa-120kPa measurement range at up to 17-bit resolution. Under ideal conditions, this sensor can detect the pressure difference within a 9cm column of air. On top of absolute pressure measurements, the SCP1000 can also measure and report temperature in the range of -20 to 70°C. The pressure and temperature output data is calibrated and compensated internally, and the communication between the SCP1000 and its host micro-controller is realized using an I2C interface." ($34.95)

I2C/SMBus Voltage Traslator (I2C Level Shifter)

"This great tiny board will allow to interface slave 3.3V I2C devices like magnetometers and pressure sensors with master 5V devices like AVR/PIC microcontrollers WITHOUT THE USE OF DIRECTIONAL PIN. It also features a build-in 3.3V power regulator and dual pull-resistors (5V and 3.3V sides). The pull-up resistors can be optionally and independently disabled with the two solder jumpers located on the top of the board.

But why do you need it? Well some 3.3V sensors are not capable to handle 5V signals coming from some microcontrollers (like Arduino), you always can do it but you will reduce the life span of your sensor. Not just that, you will also need to supply the I2C sensors with 3.3Volts, so an external power regulator is required and just that makes things more complicated. All this problems are solved with this little board. " ($12.90)

And finally, one just for fun:

Limited Edition Collectible Ardupilot MEGA and Shield Prototype Boards

"Limited Edition Collectible Ardupilot MEGA and Shield (V1, V2) Prototype Boards

You get 3 boards: MEGA, V1, V2. They are fully functional if you want to build your own. OR you can use them as paper weights, coasters, magnets, souvenirs or any other creative application." ($1.95)

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  • How do these sensors compare to what is in the ArduIMU?
  • Hi Jordi,
    How would I connect the pressure sensor up to an arduino, not an ardupilot? I'm thinking of creating an "open" weather station for myself... is there a place where I could get documentation (that a layman could understand)? Thanks for this site for introducing me to avionics in general, btw. :) I think, rather than going down the modeling road, I might end up flying an ultralight instead... :)
  • Developer

    The incoming Bosch absolute pressure sensor, has better performance, cheaper, smaller and has build in 3.3v regulator and i2c translator like the magnetometer... Just solder and load the code...
  • I2C level shifter (PCA9306) is a great find adn design, ideal for connecting the SCP1000-D11 to Ardupilot as it provides the 3V3 supply voltage as well as optimising the I2C communications. I've been getting away with running my whole Ardupilot board at 3V3 on the bench for testing (still at full speed which means that it is actaully running outside the processor spec) but having this interface will make it much easier to use in the air.
    I've placed order and it has already shipped (within 10 minutes) - now that is service you don't even get from Amazon!!! Thanks
  • Developer
    Also three axis invensense gyroscopes...
  • Developer
    Xbee, Bosch absolute pressure sensor, Xtend radio modem breakout board, Remzibi V1.5 are on its way...
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