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  • Hi Peter,
    I am also interested by the AHRS / INS code and the corresponding thesis.
    I am going to send you a "Friend" request for email
    Thanks a lot,
  • Peter, I am interested in thesis, too. My email -
  • Peter, I'm interested in your thesis project. Can you send a copy to

  • I just check Digikey and they have 9 units available for $250 each.. CH Robotics has a similar unit available but without temperature and pressure sensors for $175.. I think the ST one is a better deal and better support.
    If any one is interested I can e-mail you a copy of fully AHRS / INS including kalman filtering source code (C language) plus full description (thesis) using the raw input of 3-axis accelerator, gyros, magnetometer, altitude and GPS which can easily ported to any microprocessor.
  • You're right, the code is just raw sensors.

    One of the 10-pin connectors is the debug port, the other is something they're calling Insight Port. Insight Port is designed for a plug in ZigBee Module for wireless output, but it doesn't have to be used that way. Ultimately insight port is just an SPI port and as such is probably the best method to communicate with another processor that does not have embedded usb host (A PIC32 as a host could probably attach to its usb)
  • 3D Robotics
    But no AHRS it's not really useful out of the box.

  • Application for iNemo...graph output and logging for each sensor.

    I looked over the firmware...drivers for everything included I2C, A/D USB etc.
  • 3D Robotics
    I'm okay with this one. It's an update with new information.

    Does anyone know what code it's running, if any?
  • T3
    The ealier blog posts were more about the sensors only and not so much about AHRS/eval board, IIRC.
  • Yes, that's why I write remove it it is old, next time will look twice before posting. Sorry for spamming
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