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  • Hi Peter,

    I am also interested in your thesis. Could you send source code and thesis documants me too please?


  • Has anyone received a copy of the code or thesis paper? I still haven't... (

    Just curious.
  • Hi Peter.
    I surprised that your work is very useful for me too. Please can i also expect the same as all our friends.
    My Email :

    Thanks in advance.
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  • Hi all,
    I ( in south korea) got this board on 23rd march. It cost me 370 USD .It is expensive as far as i know. Not tested anything yet. ST Microelectronics released an application note recently to get sensor data to MATLAB. I want to get data to Visual studio ( vc++) environment. I am present involved in development of Inertial tracking system( 6 DOF) for virtual reality application as part of my research. Please post any ideas to get data from virual COM port (USB) to Visual studio(VC++) .
  • Hi Peter,
    can you pls send me as well your AHRS / INS KF source and thesis ?
    Thanks, zigi
  • Moderator
    @peter I would appreciate a copy of your AHRS
    but I think that most of us will be interested in your AHRS code and thesis, so why dont you make a blog post of your code and thesis to share with us all, I am sure we will all appreciate it?
  • Peter, I am also interested in looking at your code and thesis. My address is Thanks!
  • I wonder where I can find more information on the LPS001DL pressure sensor.
  • Peter Me too please.

  • @ Peter
    I'm interested in your AHRS and INS implementation in C language,
    my email is rosenkranz -at- email -dot- it.
    Thank you in advance.
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