New SteadiDrone 2013 QU4D - With APM2.5 as always


Hey again guys, a quick update post here from SteadiDrone, some of you may remember the post about our new QU4D from late last year, well we're proud to anounce it's out and available! We're very excited about this little quadcopter, we've developed it around the new GoPro 3 camera, for the best possible HD video footage on the smallest, highest quality and most compact quadcopter out there, we think any way :)

Key features include

Fully RTF kit with EVERYTHING requiredNew super quick foldable arm system for 10 second setup, will fit into a small backpack!
Apm 2.5 + 3DR GPS + 3DR Telemtry kit
20 min flight time - this is tested and true
Built in roll axis gimbal and mount for GoPro cameras
Super lightweight and ultra durable Carbon Fibre airframe
Amazing flight dymanics, high speed super stable!

Thanks again to all the Dev's for great code and products, please give us your feedback and comments, and before you ask, NO the props are not seen in the camera's view at any angle ;)

Herewith a few pics and video coming soon!

More info at / available from Steadidrone USA very soon, currently directly from website. Price will be around 2350USD, please keep in mind it's FULLY RTF with a lot of extras and full gps system etc etc


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  • From our experience, shooting quite a few commercials and tv stuff, with a quad, the best way to ge the shot and the heli in the right place is fpv, yes it takes a bit more practice, but is far better than LOS, our bigber drones we obviously fly LOS but with the quad you can both pilot and frame the shot, especially loong forward 'chase' or action shots. What would you be willing to pay for a rig like this, we may also throw in a sweet custom backpack.. ?

  • Yeah these things do add up.. looks like some nice T-Motors on there which are pricy.. also what I fly and perfer.  I hear you on the static tilt.. my first FPV attempt did not end well but I also had the tilt tied in with the flight computer.  However I don't think I agree with you on people flying FPV when taking video.. if I were to fly commercially (assuming it was allowed).. I would LOS it with a camera operator running the tilt and pan/ridder with the tilt and roll handled by the flight computer to smooth things out.  But a one man operation I guess would FPV at least to line up the shot.

  • @ Gary - it does fold?

    @ Mark - if you add up all the parts used to build a quadcopter, youl soon get to this figure, maybe even more, keep in mind its got radio, apm with new gps AND telemetry kit, very high tech durable foldable frame with built in gimbal, best possible components like the motors, 20min flight time etc you really think, for what you get and what it can do its too much? Reason we went for 1 axis is most people going to soot real video will fly fpv and having the tilt static really helps with flying, but we may work on a tilt axis, also adding tilt makes the design and cost more complicated. I dont think many people realise what goes in to making these things.

    we do offer airframe kit only yeah, also still working on final pricing, hopefully under2000

  • I as well would like to know if you are going to offer the frame stand alone.

    Looks really nice.

  • Will you be offering just the frame?

  • I have a couple of the 10pin jacks.. haven't built the cable yet.. I want to also use the USB jack to charge the GP3 since I have a nice 5.0v power supply which is the same as USB runs on.. and if you power the GP3 over the USB then I believe you don't even need the battery in it.   So I need to figure out the power pins on the USB jack first.

  • Have you messed around with getting a video out from that GP3 with the waterproof case? Low-profile 10 pin usb is on my project list.

  • what is the kit price?  2350 seems pretty high even with radio, APM.. also at that price point why isn't tilt included in the GoPro mount for as stable of video/photo as possible.

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    Oh no it folds

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