New SteadiDrone 2013 QU4D - With APM2.5 as always


Hey again guys, a quick update post here from SteadiDrone, some of you may remember the post about our new QU4D from late last year, well we're proud to anounce it's out and available! We're very excited about this little quadcopter, we've developed it around the new GoPro 3 camera, for the best possible HD video footage on the smallest, highest quality and most compact quadcopter out there, we think any way :)

Key features include

Fully RTF kit with EVERYTHING requiredNew super quick foldable arm system for 10 second setup, will fit into a small backpack!
Apm 2.5 + 3DR GPS + 3DR Telemtry kit
20 min flight time - this is tested and true
Built in roll axis gimbal and mount for GoPro cameras
Super lightweight and ultra durable Carbon Fibre airframe
Amazing flight dymanics, high speed super stable!

Thanks again to all the Dev's for great code and products, please give us your feedback and comments, and before you ask, NO the props are not seen in the camera's view at any angle ;)

Herewith a few pics and video coming soon!

More info at / available from Steadidrone USA very soon, currently directly from website. Price will be around 2350USD, please keep in mind it's FULLY RTF with a lot of extras and full gps system etc etc


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  • What are you doing for vibration damping on the camera?

  • Hey Jhon, thanks for the comments. Your right, we've tried to offer somthing here currently not available, we really just want to bring the highest possible build quality and feature set at the best price for what you're actually getting. We love the foldable arms, just having flown it on our testing it's such a great easy to use and super compact unit, fits pretty much anywhere, takes 5 seconds to 'deploy' and fly, we've also crashed it a few times too see what parts break and it's a tuff little bugger!

    ALSO we've just dropped the pricing all together, trying to make it a affordable so you guys can all get your hands on it and see how cool it really is, it looks great but flies even better.

    Standard kit will be around 1100USD and full RTF at 1650USD with EVERYTHING and lots of extras

    Any more comments, questions ?

  • Duran, how are you going to handle video out for FPV?
  • thats exactly what i am looking for, a foldable and compact quad with open arms like the TBS one,
    as far as i know, this is the first "open arms" foldable quad,

    very expensive however. Looks amazing i must say. Will you sell the frame alone? usually people got a feeling of less paying when buying things little by little

  • Available right now at, we're currently setting up US distro and that will soon be up and running too.

  • Can't wait.. where are they going to be shipping out of?  Do you have a US distribution center?  Also when will they be available?

  • Thanks for the feedback Mark :) Once we get our videos of the new QU4D online, you'l also see how well this thing flies! :)

  • Nice.. I would say both fall into the category/price range I would envision.. 2300+ probably not..  hopefully you sell replacement parts as well.   I think I would have two tone motor mounts or something to help identify the orientation of the craft when in LOS.  Otherwise I don't think I would change anything.. mabye list what Pelican case or whatever it fits into... overall I think this would be ideal for aerial inspection services and other similar tasks.

  • We're aiming at selling the RTF kit at around 1500-2000USD and the airframe will be <500USD hoepfully even less than that. Our 'target market' would not really be the DIY guys, apart from the odd one who likes what we're doing, so my post here is for feedback in terms of things other than price, and any and all comments are very much apreciated and taken into account. From what we've seen available out there, we believe we've got something more compact, practicle, feature rich and affordable than anything else in it's class and for what its for.

  • I really like the frame and I could see it as a nice choice for commercial use.. however with the type of audience you are talking with they like to tinker.. so a frame only option would be good... and pulling off all the ESCs, motors, flight computer, battery, etc.. I wouldn't expect that to be > $1000 USD... but then again pulling all that stuff puts the frame in a pack of quite a few choices... so then what is the true selling point.. the roll gimbal and folding arms?  humm.

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