New toy - Ardupilot

Thanks to Jordi (thank you for this possibility :) ) I started play with Ardupilot . The main goal is to connect it to remzibi OSD (poor man's OSD) - simplest way to Ardupilot , all advantages of both devices must be keeped autopiloting and custom layout config of OSD .s6301014.jpg is device designed for autopiloting and was not made for any FPV flight - so GPS originally is very close to autopilot board and VidTX probably also (VidTX is jaming GPS) , but using Video and GPS should be mounted at distance to each other .Ardu by his self are greate source of noise also - so any separation ( LC and RC lopass filter) must be considered for coupling RC RX signals .There is not possible (I do not know why probably IDE reads USB device VID or PID) to made and Ardupilot software update by USB OTi cable (belongs to OSD) - but original USB works OK (however can better) .I already concider to compile bootloader for mega328 as Megaload - will take from memory only 1k , as original ardu bootloader takes 2k now , also any USB-uart or rs232-uart cable will able to use for firmware update . In this case will be possible to use even mega168 Ardu with 2.2.3 software .OTi cable works great as serial monitor for Ardupilot or as debuging or whatever .Will test it more with PC GPS emulator .It is possible to connect remzibi GPS - but must be done some config in software like serial.begin(9600) for older GPS module or serial.begin(38400) for last relase , so in fact is very easy . Hardware change is a one diode on bottom of adru board . The config file changes are very simple .In total - Ardupilot is very nice and flexible device even using Adru IDE for programing - for beginers is even much more easier to use then raw GCC .Ardupilot team made really good job till now - in fact that sources are open - so this solution is real future having autopilot solution .For now ardu 2.2.3 firmaware takes only 14,4k (NMEA GPS) so not even 50% of total memory (32k at mega328) .Next soon .
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    Marty Came on! i guess for 300 bucks you can get a full autopilot! When the nearest is AttoPilot for $800. We still the cheapest in the market =).
  • not with a $115 sensor package you can't :P
  • Developer
    Should we call Ardupilot: Poor man Autopilot?
  • Developer

    You are welcome!

    I can develop a simple optoisolator board for serial devices. Maybe this can improve performance.

    Please tell that oyu have one of this cables:
  • Yes - the distanse of VidTX and GPS is not a seriouse problem and will be easy to solve by anyone - I just pointed it for all to be not suprice if after mount all FPV equpment with autopilot in one place , no fix by GPS :) .
    It is just small thing to remembre about :) .
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    There are longer cables available for the EM406A GPS.

    Many users mount their video transmitter in the fixed portion of the rudder assembly thus keeping it as far as possible from the Ardupilot/GPS.

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    I think that one of the upcoming additions to the Ardupilot is going to be an OSD.

    Chris hinted at that recently in his DIY Drones Projects blog.

  • Sounds good. cant wait to have OSD whit this system.
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