I have made a test of a NEX5 brushless gimbal used on my X8 Arducopter platform.

The video is raw and has not been post-processed.


For the more technical among you:

-Arducopter APM2.5 platform, firmware V3.0.1

-2-axis (tilt/roll) Brushless gimbal for Sony NEX5 from (it is in fact a (re)labeled RC timer aluminium gimbal), using white labeled GBM5010 brushless motors (150 turns, able to hold 500gr cameras) 

-Sony NEX5R with 16-50mm objective. This big sensor compact camera delivers 50 frames/sec video and 16 mios pixels pictures. It can be radio remote controlled through APM and a IR trigger (i used stratosnapper)

It is a second episode of the X8 series of Summer Flights in France and will soon be continued with a third...

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  • Was using a 4S 65 C 4000mah GenesisPower and a 4S 1500 mah 25C Zippy in parallel. The Genesis died. Honestly the Genesis was lent to me and I don't know it's history, but it charged up fine. The Zippy survived but I was lucky as I pulled it down way below 3 volts per cell.  You know I don't actually know the weight of the X8, gimbal, and camera.  I should buy a postal scale.  But it was a stock 3D Robotics X8 3DR, KV 850 motors, the RC timer Gimbal and a Go Pro HD rig.  I understood that it should easily handle the weight, but it hasn't been easy so far.  

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    @Jamie, do you mean your battery is flat after 5 min ? Which battery do you use, which voltage, which motors and what AUW ?

  • Nice,a new user with almost the same setup I can see how much I need to know.  I can't keep mine in the air for more than 5 minutes right now.

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    @Euan, the perfect cure is a Yaw axis (3rd axis) brushless gimbal.

  • Re: yaw rebound...what's the cure?

  • Thanks, the camera was just a sony handycam cx290 I think. (It was not mine I was borrowing it for a bit while saving for my own)

    The gimbal is scratch built and uses a alexmos board. I have the solidworks files if you are interested or anything.


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    @Neil, nice footage. What camera and system did you use ?

  • Embedded version. Feel free to delete it if it is taking up too much space.


    The third axis always looks painfully unstable in 2 axis setups. Here is a clip from my 2 axis gimbal on my AV quad - you can REALLY tell the third axis is NOT stable.

    Your video looks good - and your field is 10/10.

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    Thx a lot Brandon for the advice, i will try this
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