Nice entry level FPV Quad

Another quad that i found on hobbyking. It caught my eye as it has a monitor inbuilt to the controller. I've seen a few concept controllers maybe this could work?

A nice shortcut to newcomers with a 3-axis gyro stabilization system.

Ladybird V2 FPV

Walkera QR Ladybird V2 FPV Ultra Micro Quadcopter w/Devo F4 RTF (Mode 2)

3.5" LCD screen which matches some phones.Range is limited but i suppose some hacking might sort that.

Walkera QR Ladybird V2 FPV Ultra Micro Quadcopter w/Devo F4 RTF (Mode 2)

6 mins of flight time with the standard battery.Wonder can this also be extended with a bigger battery?

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  • Pine tree?How about a gum tree..

  • Nice close ups of it there Scott.How far did you get outside?

    Thought the video feed was open alright. 5.8ghz  receiver and better antennas should help range.Then at least you have them spare before trying bigger quads

    If you want more time in the transmitter try the high voltage AA's.They are 1.6v each.Most rechargable batterys are only 1.2v thus the transmitter will turn off early due to voltage drop.

    Here are some

  • I don't have another 5.8 system to try to pick up the signal and unfortunately the documentation that came with this is severely lacking.

    Here is the manufacturer's link for the Ladybird FPV. There are some really good photos here of the camera unit. On my ladybird, it is glued in place, so I don't want to take it off, but check this out:


    You can set it to different frequencies with dip switches.


    Another thing I was going to mention. You can find this quad with the Devo F7 controller as well, but much more rare. It is basically a nicer version of the F4 this comes with, but with 7 channels. I am in no way disappointed in the F4. It feels as sturdy in my hands and my Spektrum DX6i. But if you want the extra channels, check out the F7. You can find it on the same site I linked above.

  • I have been thinking about buying the camera/transmitter combo this uses to put on my v959, as I have determined the auxillary power port on its board could run the unit. My understanding is the 5.8ghz video feed is open, so any receiver can pick it up. Scott, could you confirm this, and possibly send me some detailed pics of the FPV unit?
  • I bought one of these a few weeks ago and it is a blast. I haven't gotten a feel for FPV flying yet, but this little quad is crazy fast and nimble.


    I tried flying FPV outside the other day and was having fun until I lost the video signal briefly and lost sight of it. When the video came back up, I was at least able to determine that I was upside down in a pine tree!!


    I bought 3 extra batteries with mine and can fly for a good 30 minutes on all 4 that I have. The charger can charge 2 at a time, but it takes several hours to do so.


    Definitely get rechargeable batteries for the transmitter though, 4 AAs don't seem to last very long with the video running and you cant turn it off that I am aware of.


    Great fun though. Absolutely love it.



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