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  • Awesome, keep it up.
  • Attention to all. This video is not of my own, but a video I've watched and thought it would be nice to share. Watch it directlly in youtube and subscribe (I did it and hope to receive notifications) if you want to be notified when new ones are posted. :)

  • Nice job!  I've been thinking of getting a hex and will follow your series with keen interest. Keep your presentation just as it is, I liked it and you obviously enjoyed producing it. Keep it going, I appreciate you efforts.

  • @Daniel, I too am working on non direct gimbal camera mounts. Direct to servo gives me jitters too. I'm working on a 'boom' type setup with roll and tilt only. I like the idea of having my pricey camera in front between arms rather than underneath. I'm counter balancing the camera with a battery pack. Do you know of a thread on this? 

    Oh, humor, nah, just give me the info. I'm a pro video producer and I appreciate the effort but it's distracting. 

  • How far do you intend to go with the help guides ? very impressed so far, I can tell you have put a lot of thought into your videos 10/10.  Iam constantly scanning the interenet for helpul build logs that actually explain why some things work better than others. You made that very simple to understand, Please continue...... If you do feel the need to talk about direct and non direct gimble camera mounts I'd be grateful....Strugling with servo gitters.  I prefer to engeneer my own stuff but am always open to advice...

  • I like his kind of humor.

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