Night Safari with Flir equipped Hexacopter


We headed out into the African bush to demonstrate the UAV + night vision technology on a Game Farm in the north of South Africa. We were interested to see the animals response to the UAV at night. All the animals barely paid attention to the UAV, until a Zebra got spooked which in turn spooked the Impala close by.

For some reason I can't embed YouTube - so here is the link. I'm very impressed on how stable the video feed is in Loiter mode, it almost seems as if the camera is mounted to a pole! More info can be found here.

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    True, the TAU would have a better resolution, but the PathFindir is tough - plus if you're lucky you can get one off a totaled car from a scrapyard... :) 

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    The Tau 640 is 4 times the price of a PathFindir. I like the fact that the PathFindir is almost bullet proof :)

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    I used a Flir PathFindir - it's on the heavy side at 400gr. Flir TAU 640 would be my next bet. I have posted some more videos on my site - www.easyuav.com

  • Which FLIR module did you use please.
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    Wow you're living the dream, man! Awesome!
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    I flew over some zebra yesterday and they departed at speed, impala were fine. Like the anti baboon measures Graham

  • Which flir camera is this?

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    Looks good, nice one Wesley, I've flown over impala, zebra, elephant, gemsbok (oryx), ostrich, waterbuck and baboon during the day and the baboons were the only ones that responded to my quad at lowish altitude, most of the others hardly responded at all. The baboons ran off quickly and occasional flights prevented raids on our campsite.

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