Night Flyer

Second test (much better image quality!)


My first night test.



Hexacopter: 810mm wheelbase

APM 2.5

Firmware AC3.0

Running a full auto mission witn 5 WPs and RTL /autolanding

Soon I will upload more pictures and the flight log. Very impressive the xtrack correction

More technical details just ask me ;-)





The flight starts at 51%

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  • Brilliant Guto - will try this tonight!
  • Distributor

    Hi @Euan,

    Yes, using the Mission Planner, you can have it in the Tab "Telemetry Logs" on Flight Data screen, do it:

    -press "Load Log" and choice your flight log

    -press "Tlog> Kml or Graph" > "Create KML + GPX"

    When it finish to run the progress bar go into the logs fold on your hard disk (inside Programs Files\APM Planner fold) and you will have a KML file, double click on it and your 3D path will be opened on Google Earth (need to have it in your computer)

  • Looking good!

    How do you get the "3D" flight path? Is that a different app from Mission Planner?
  • Distributor

    Haha, Was beautiful see it fly away alone at night @Angelo!
    But it was safe, I did not fly over people...

    ..sure someone around did not understand what was happening...I'll keep tuned on local news this morning :-)

  • Distributor

    Thanks @Marco!

    (detail: I'm using in this Hexa the Mr. "Marco Robustini team" parameters)

    It flies very(VERY) stable and an amazing xtrack control as I never had in other drone.

  • Developer

    Really nice Guto!

  • - Nine one one, may I help you ?!?!?

    - Hey officer, we saw a UFO !!!!

    - ....are you drunk ????

    - No, many persons here saw it  !!!

    - ....stop the fiesta and go sleeping !!!

    - No no, we can still see it !!!

    - .... tuuut tuuuut tuuuuut......

  • Distributor

    Hi Keeyen!

    Sure I can share my setup with you, send me you e-mail in PM ok?

    No, I'm not using sonar, he perform the autoland based on his accelerometers only. It reach the ground perfect all the times!

  • 100KM

    Autoland is impressive. Do you use sonar ? It will be great if you can share your param file.

  • Distributor

    I need to check what is happen with my telemetry or log records, too slow rate to record data (see the distance between each point). Because that the trace on the corners looks as failed.

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