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  • Link to a previous DIYD blog post about this product is here.

  • I saw this awhile ago, and gave it some thought. We currently have smart watches with processing power, Bluetooth, HD cameras, and sensors. In theory, if it can be done for a smart watch, then something could be built for an extremely small flight controller with integrated systems. The frame could use bi-metallic arms that flex. Think slap bracelets from childhood, or tape measures. All of that said, the power system is what I wonder about. They will either have to use tiny brushless motors, or brushed motors which would potentially not have enough power to lift a package like this for any significant length of time, if at all. The miniaturization of technology will lead to the control systems, cameras, etc, needed sooner than later. The power systems still remain the limiting factor in developing practical micro-drones, in my opinion.

  • Nice concept, but seems totaly unfeasible today. I wonder what other think about this one and if I miss some key technology that enables this. To me, the main issues are gonna be:
    - how to get a fram flexible enough to wrap around the wrist but that can then have the rigidity to support a quad flight without killing attitude control.
    - what magic tech do they use to have onboard cpu supporting wi-fi, hd camera, etc in this tiny space.
    - how they plan to achieve stable hovering flights and autonomous behavior without adding the weight/space of gps, ultrasound, optical flow, whatever is needed.
    - for this to be usefull, you'd need at least 10 minutes of flight and easily swapable batteries, seems like a lot of weight/space for such a tiny design.
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