No Parachute? No problem! (There’s an app for that)


In which a 1.7m flying wing VTOL transitions to forward flight with ... oops ... reversed elevons. As the transition starts the quad motors are active and compensate for the reversed elevons. Once the transition is completed the quad motors stop and ... the flying wing, now flying like a plane, flips 180 degrees quasi instantly due to the reversed elevons. The VTOL heads straight towards the ground.

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  • Thanks for this precision, Sander. I've added to the post to reflect it. Credit where it's due, love that  term! ;)

  • 100KM

    Hi Olivier,

    In your post you compare this behavior to Quadchute, a term i coined in PX4 when i wrote the functionality.
    But quadchute is not exactly the same as Q_ASSIST. Quadchute looks at both maximum angles and minimum altitude, when these are exceeded the quad actually takes over completely and goes into RTL as a failsafe measure. 

    Still both functionalities save your VTOL and thats another great advantage to quadplanes.

  • This is brilliant! Well done on a new clever failsafe

  • Nice and short checklist! :D

  • That is an amazing save!
    Great job guys.

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