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  • The Backspin is much more precise than the Wii. We would love to get the community's feedback on tweaking the user experience while flying. If anyone is interested in an informal "beta" program please let me know and we can get you a test device (it may require some programming to be able to tweak the settings, or we will ship an intern with the device to help you tweak :)). 

  • I personally use thumbs and dislike "pinching". With thumbs you can reach the far corners easier and it leaves my fingers open to flip switches and turn knobs without releasing the stick or losing any control. 

  • This looks like fmkit's controller

    the main issue with it is that throttle is controlled by accel. which isnt very precise, and the wii joystick isnt super precise either.

    I feel like this one has the same issues..

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    Yes I thought of that when I saw this ;-)

  • it is a bit like this one:

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    I'm slightly ashamed to say I'm a thumbs type as well. Largely because there was nobody to tell me otherwise in the 1970's in the middle of nowhere. I think with our requirement to switch switches frequently in flight it might be easier using thumbs. I know traditional RC fliers frown on it.

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    I've always flown thumbs. Anybody who grew up with videogame consoles will be most comfortable with that. 

  • You have to have large enough hands to get your finger and thumb to the extreme corners to fly that way.  I have always flown thumbs and it has never let me down.

  • I will never understand why people use thumb joysticks.  When I learned to fly R/C planes in the 80s, the guy who was teaching me always said to have a positive grip on the stick with the thumb AND index finger.  You get much more precise control over the stick than with your thumb alone.  A thumb on a stick is the equivalent of one ball trying to control another ball.

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    That's not too dissimilar to something i've had bouncing around in my head for a while. I was thinking along the lines of the Wii nunchuck kind of layout

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