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  • Thanks mate, I'll stay tuned.

  • I have a Seawolf Pixem that I use for FPV on this platform. Next week we will try and get a micro hdmi and a 10 pin mini usb to evaluate the video out.




  • Oops, I accidentally replied on Vimeo, well I'll ask here as well.

    What cable did you use for video out, usb or hdmi? Is the latency bad? Low light performance looks very nice on that little guy!

  • Sorry, this was from the Black edition.


    For the kopter I'm using a MK Hexa XL all with MK motors and boards, plus the carbon props.

    Battery is a 6200 that gives me around 20+ minute flights.




  • Sorry but GoPro3 what? Black? Silver?
    They are entirely different cameras so (much) more info would be really useful?

    Nice video though!
  • Very nice!!

    Could you please share your setup?


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