Now this exists: A 3-D-printed drone

3689605147?profile=originalA 3-D-printed drone created by engineers from the University of Sheffield's Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre.

The vehicle, unveiled in March, is a remote-controlled glider about five feet wide that weighs just over four pounds and is composed of nine separate pieces that snap together.

Why do we need 3-D printed drones?

The team at Sheffield University says that in the future, the project could have applications from package deliveries to intelligence-gathering to search-and-rescue, with users able to tailor the vehicles to their own particular needs. The low production cost of the plastic drone "might lead to the printing of 3-D unmanned aircraft that could be disposable and sent on one-way flights," the researchers said.

Full article here: 3D Printed Drones

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  • What?  You're saying that 3D printing isn't the solution to all of mankind's problems Mathew?

  • I'm I the only one tried of everyone losing their mind when ever someone uses a 3D printer? more then half the time the person could have made something that would last longer in less time by hand.  

  • I don't think 3D printing is really meant for mass production. Its meant for rapid prototyping. One offs, and customizable designs are what this technology is about. sorta what the article is saying...
  • Just because it's possible doesn't mean it's the best way. For any mass production, 3D printing looses out to most other technologies.

  • 'ere 'tis

  • You're right Andrew.  This isn't anything new.  It's just CNN playing catch-up.  This printed wing-glider was publicized months ago - certainly on RCG, but here too, I vaguely recall.  I can't seem to find any references on it from my searches though

  • This isn't really anything new. There are already several proven designs on thingiverse... Personally I think the concept is a bit waistful and prefer printing components that can be wrapped in foam board. It's lighter, cheaper and quicker than doing the entire thing out of plastic. Just my opinion though...
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