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  • found this in related

  • Well, we should be able to mate a reprap with a brushless gimbal to make one of these things DIY-style!

  • I found smiler video and photo.


  • It was a stealth drone they were building, now it's a stealth video about a stealth drone - Typical Lockheed!

  • Nice to see our government at work spending our tax dollars and then not letting us see what thy are spending them on.

    Used to be great to be American.

  • No video.

  • Any mirror of the video?

  • Top secret!  The NSA have removed the video, but nice 5-axis CNC filament layup thingy...

    Was that for the X-47B or the Taranis?

    (or was it the Iranian copy...?)

  • I need one of those in my shop.

    Of course I'll need a bigger shop.

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