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  • @Ian, The airfoils are on the plans.  They are something we cooked up in XFoil, but they are just a cross between an MH60 and S5010(?).  Tip airfoil has the LE radius increased to help with tip stall.

    @Gary, It's 5 mil lamination film and comes with the kit.  Sometimes called New Stuff over at RC Groups.  Otherwise the color is trim tape.  Lamination film will hold paint but we never have time for it to dry around here.

    @Jack, correct but we are in different markets so should not be cause for customer confusion.[Knock on wood.]

    @John, Thanks!  Just an attempt to squeeze a little more efficiency out of the wing.  Theory says span-wise flow goes from tip to root and helps reduce tip vortices.  Practice says it looks cool and flies great so we'll stick with it.  It also helps put the wing root towards the back, which leaves all kinds of room for gear in the fuse.  Otherwise forward sweep has a bit of stigma from issues like aeroelasticity and transonic flow that do not come into play at our scale or speed.

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    What's the deal with forward swept wings just looking ridiculously cool..

    Just like the sexiest jet ever built, the NASA X-29.

  • Yes, using an existing brand name to sell more of your product is bad.

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    Nice covering job, what did you use?

  • Looks similar in plan form to the Saracin which I built and flew as a slope soarer some 30 years back. From the photo it looks like the wing has a slight forward sweep on the leading edge. It would be interesting to know what wing section it uses.
  • Ahh, I forgot all about getting nurfed while surfing.  Board to the nose if I remember correctly.  Not a surfer though.

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    You mean the Nerf football.

    I thought you were a surfer dude and using slang for hitting someone. (Not the dirty version)
  • Ha.  Officially it's short for Nurflugel.  Unofficially it is a bit like a football my brothers and I used to hit each other with.

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    Ya, but if you run into anyone with this plane, the lawyers will have a field day with a name like that.
    It's like having a sign up that says "beware of dog", and then someone gets bit, the lawyers can prove you knew it was a danger!
    Just kidding!

    Looks great.
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