Object Tracking - Real Test (teaser)

Note: This video is available in 1080p. Use it!


I finally have an update on the object tracking software I started back in these two posts:


Here is whats new:

1. Added support for the Pololu Maestro USB Servo Controller (Thanks Chuck!)

2. Added tunable PID controller that takes the X/Y error and converts it into an output for the USB servo controller



1. Add zoom (this will be tricky)

2. Add option to select either 360 degree servo or regular fixed position servo

3. Test outdoors with real tripod mounted gimbal

4. Polish up the UI and provide a beta copy to you guys!


It is coming along nicely! I am really happy with the software so far. As soon as I have a field test I will post another video. Also, I am still planning on integrating it into the mission planner. Time has been scarce (it always is).


Anything you would like to see? Just leave a comment.



Adam Rivera

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  • Hi Adam, how is it going with OpenTLD, have you been able to use it in your system? as you can see i am still intrested in the development of this :-)

  • Developer

    Yusuf: OpenTLD is fascinating. I have been combing through the code for months trying to wrap my head around it. The reason I didnt start with OpenTLD is because it was Matlab specific (booo!), but now it has been ported to c++ so it is much easier for me to incorporate that into my C# .NET application. More to come...

  • Adam, it is funny you should be looking at OPENTLD as i have been following this thread too, but it got way past my comprehesion, but looks like it would do the job very easily. So good luck with it, as this would be very fortuetous that the two projects merge into what i was wishing for in the first place..!

  • Developer

    Yusuf: I am working on an OpenTLD version of this right now. Based on the CPU usage of my system, right now it seems purely academic. If I don't get anywhere with OpenTLD I will work to fine tune the performance of my algorithm.

  • Hi Adam, how's it going any news you want to share? :-)

  • Developer

    Thanks Dave! I picture the same thing :-) I hope it comes to that level of fruition.

  • This is great adam, it has so much potential, I'm venturing into the world of fpv alongside my ardu project, the first thing that sprang into my head was 'target aquired' - 'target locked' - 'Follow'. And this was the first of many things!

    Is it possible to measure the size of the locked image and also output that data so to provide a distance-to-target estimation?

    Inspirational twiddling - great work!

  • Developer

    @Max: Thanks! The gimbal is from Photoshipone. It is their 2x model. I had some issues with their manufacturing tolerances and it was missing pieces when they first sent it to me, but it is functional.

  • Developer

    Grate Work !!!!

    BTW can you please share some info about that camera gimbal ? 

  • Developer

    Wow.. lots of comments to respond to

    @Yusuf Onajobi: I HOPE to get it done within a month. But... we all know how things go :-)

    @Ryan: I am very curious what method you guys are using to track objects. What have you done with it so far?

    @JP: Thanks!

    @Yusuf Pirgali: Thank you.. I have been very busy with the new arrival :-D I am looking forward to posting back here with something testable.

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