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Here is a short build log showing the work required to convert my Quanum Observer to VTOL Quadplane. The mods are done in such a way that the Quadplane can be reverted to pure fixed wing in around 10mins for ultra long duration flight (+-80mins on 15AH packs) and when a landing strip is available.

Total weight added for Quadplane is 1,320g but only 270g of this is permanent (ie. fixed items such as carbon spars in the wings, mounting legs, wiring in the wings, glue, etc). Total all-up weight in Quadplane mode is around 4,800g (including camera and gimbal).

Specs as follows:
Frame size 1070mm (measured diagonal)
T-Motor MT4006 740KV
T-Motor Air 40A ESC
T-Motor carbon props 14 x 4.8
4S 10,000mAh
Pixhawk flight controller, running firmware version 3.6.0 with Quadplane support.

I've done some hover tests and transition flight will hopefully happen soon.Here is a video to show the stabilized footage I was getting before converting to Quadplane:

Thanks to all for the great work being done in this community, particularly Tridge! 




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  • MR60

    Thx Jacques. What anti-vibration mount did you use between the 3axis gimbal and the frame/body (of the plane) ?

  • Moderator

    Love the connectors, well done

  • @Hugues: the motor and propeller combination is a good match for 4.8Kg. I did use e-calc and also T-motor have very detailed specifications on their power systems, so I was confident it would work well. Hover is about 65% throttle which is more than enough for Quadplane in my view. It is very maneuverable, especially in Qstabilize mode. For the stabilized video, I am using a modifed GoPro (special lens, no fisheye) on 3 axis gimbal with 180degree pan control. Camera can be setup for dual operator on separate TX if needed.

    @vorney thomas:video transmitter is simple Immersion RC 5.8Ghz

  • Neat idea for the convertible quadplane, just seems to make sense as the next evolution.  I"m also interested in your camera gimbal.

  • very nice work for Pascall

    btw, could you post som details about your configuration of camera and video capture and transmitter system?

    since i saw your video  picture is so nice and clear more than ordinary one.

  • MR60

    J'ai oublié une autre question : la vidéo sur vimeo est incroyablement stable. Peux-tu partager comment tu as isoler ta nacelle des vibrations et quelle nacelle/caméra tu as utilisé ?

  • MR60

    Wow très impressionnant et super construction. Chapeau! Cela m'inspire a essayer de construire un VTOL dont j'ai toujours eu un peu peur, vu la complexité (apparente). La combinaison de ces moteur 4006 et helices 14" te fournit quelle poussée verticale ? Car tu dois quand même soulever 4,8Kg, ce qui n'est pas rien ?

  • Thanks Pascal!

    In hover mode it draws exactly 40A so that gives me around 11mins on 10Ah packs, incl allowance for safety on the lipos. I have not yet done transition but I am hoping the Amp draw in fixed wing flight is not going to much more than I was getting when it was just a fixed wing plane (that was around 9 Amps when flying in circular loiter as per the video link I posted)

  • Impressive work Jacques !

    Very clean.

    You said 80min in pure plane mode 15A, what flight time you get in quad setup 10A ?

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