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    I didn't know about the problem when I bought my converter and IR trigger. Fortunately I haven't been affected. I like that your controller is adjustable, but if I'm pointing at my target I want to shoot flat out. What sort of situations do you imagine it will be useful for?

    For mapping there is now a trigger per distance feature in APM (arduplane at least, I'm not sure if that exists for arducopter).

    I would imagine the HDMI cable out location can be a bit of a bugger for some gimbals, and if it's a stiff cable it might upset the gimbal balance/movement. What is the gimbal you're using?

  • Thanks moglos. When looking at IR control for the Nex, the problem you posted about was what I read. Initially I decided to design my own controller as it gave me more customised control for trigger etc. I have not only the single shot, but I can also modify the timings for continuos trigger. I've added the facility by using one of the dials on my controller to alter the shot rate from 1 shot per second upto 1 shot every 30 seconds. All this by PMW control of course.

    Would people be interested if I were to supply the IR controller?

    I shall have another look at th HDMI output as I bought a HDMI to RCA converter in preparation. The other reason I went for a separate FPV camera is I can still use the mini camera, without having the Nex as part o the payload.
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    It's nice to see DroidPlanner being integrated with such a nice system.

  • 300km

    Hi Steven. I've got a NEX 5N and I don't have any trouble controlling the shutter and video while I've got HDMI out running. I'm using a converter that looks like this and this GentLED IR trigger.

    Gentles has a page on the problem here, I haven't noticed the problem (I use auto focus) but I'll verify that I am getting shots every 2.5 seconds, there may be gaps that I haven't noticed.

    I've also tried a second fpv type camera, but the HDMI out means I can better see exactly what the camera is capturing, and I can see when it is taking shots (it's easy to get stuck in movie mode and not realize you haven't stopped it).

    What is the gimbal you're using?


  • Hi Steven, would you be able to please share the code you're using to trigger the nex5 with the arduino mini? I have picked up the necessary hardware and would like to get my one to do the same thing. You have yours set to accept a PWM input and trigger the camera based on that right? 


  • Thank you for your comments.

    Its a full carbon fiber frame and landing gear etc.

    Props are 12 x 4.5 full carbon fiber on 880kv jDrones motors with 40amp ESC and 2 x 5000mAh batteries.

    Flight time is unsure yet, as I haven't flown it.  I wanted to take the pictures before anything went wrong :-)

    Calibration is now complete, so it should go for its for flight in the next couple of days.

    As for the FPV camera, I am not using it for FPV as such, that particular camera is there purely to help position the main Sony Nex5 for aerial photography.  I may add a second smaller FPV camera for FPV flying in the future with a switch to select between the two.

    Unfortuantely the Sony NEX 5 does not have composite out, if you use the HDMI out and then convert it, you loose IR control for shutter and video switch etc which is important to me.

    I have built a small Arduino Mini which links to the Nex 5 by IR and allows me to switch video on and off, or switch over to photography mode and trigger the camera or leave it on a timed 5 second auto trigger.

    More to follow I guess when shes had her maiden flight :-)

  • one thing that I noticed.

    You set FPV camera on a gimbal ?

    That is not good since gimball will correct itself and you would not be able to 'feel' the octa.

    Would you mind to share your motors/props/weight/flight time etc.

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    Good Work. Pls tell us what , where, BOQ/spec/model of the Quad and all the stuff that is flying there( highly appreciated) in detail.Keep it up and good luck.

  • Nice pics!

  • Nice!  Thanks for sharing.

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