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  • 11 months for the theatre to play out.

    Now moving on, I hope people will see that we here are the nice guys.

  • I did not back this project, but a mate was unfortunate enough to have done so.  He has not received anything to date.

    It appears at this point that those who might otherwise have been entitled to a refund (those who pre-ordered) are starting to receive their Zano, but those to whom there is no legal obligation to deliver (those who backed via Kickstarter) have been left waiting.

    The below message was received by backers earlier today:

    "Dear Backers,

    Following recent events, the board members have considered carefully the technical, commercial and financial viability of the Zano project. Having explored all options known to us, and after seeking professional advice, we have made the difficult decision to pursue a creditors voluntary liquidation.

    All creditors will be contacted by an insolvency practitioner next week. We are greatly disappointed with the outcome of the Zano project and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us during this difficult period, especially our loyal employees whose commitment has exceeded all expectations.

    Thank you,

    Torquing Management"

  • What happened? Did we nail it?

  • Hey Wow.  I want to say I called it, but I really didn't.  I just thought it amazing that another kickstarter went over $1M.  There really wasn't that much implausible in their claim.

    But: Drones are Hard

  • Just revisiting my old self, hi.

    linking to

    now that's time travel baby!

  • The videos I linked to remind me of Victor Lustig

    and this

    But I could be wrong

  • Rob - My mistake.

    Looking at that HDMI cable video I am reminded of the decade or so I spent writing about home av, consumer electronics and in car entertainment.  I used to ask people whether they believed that the 0's were any rounder or the 1's any straighter... but some people just don't want to listen and are happy to pay the money for what they are convinced down deep inside is 'the best'.

    The Xplusone is very cool and it did go well above it's funding goal, but it failed to target the volume part of the market.  Perhaps it could have been packaged or marketed more effectively.

    It seems that the crowdfunding... crowd can't seem to get enough of drones, and they clearly respond to anything pretty, portable and powerful.  The prettier, more portable and more powerful - the more potential.

    I am most surprised by the fact I am seeing new flyers burnt by their Pocket Drone experience starting to gravitate towards the Plexidrone, instead of seeking the comparatively safe harbour of a Bebop, Phantom or Iris.

    Fingers crossed that Hexo+ and AirDog turn out well, as they appear on track to do.

  • QZ, that comment was directed at the video that Ben posted.  Just watch it.

    I can't really comment on the Zano.  I guess it all seems plausible, though these Kickstarter campaigns seem to have a poor track record of delivering on their promises. My commentary on the Zano is really just about the fact that it's yet another quadcopter blowing through $1M on Kickstarter.  Meanwhile other innovative developments are ignored, such as the Xplusone and others.

  • Rob - Really?  Is the Zano just a bunch of BS in your view?

    I watched all the videos and looked over all the copy and it passed my Bulls^&tmeter without registering so much as a blip! It all seems quite credible to me. I am no expert by any measure though and I really respect your experience and perspective on things.

    Would you care to school me on what's not to like about the Zano?

  • It's their marketing, "Take your selfie's to the next level" WT????? Feed the Narcissistic and they'll feed you. 

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