Yup i fixed it since last time. They said it was the round headers that were not making a good connection. Well i got square ones and they are now tight fitting. So why do i have a problem? Ok im using 2.0 code which loads fine no z sensor or expansion shield. 2.4ghz 6ch transmitter and receiver already bonded and i know they are. I dont i have the ESC plugged in and am using a UBEC to power the receiver and board. Ok so i believe that everything is plugged in right and the lights are right so i dont know whats the deal. I know i didnt calibrate the sensor but that shouldnt effect the manual mode. I should always be able to have manual control when switch on and i dont. I doubt that will fix UAV mode too which is also not working. I made a video like last time so the link will be below.Thanks for any help :)ok here is the video
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  • Ok its shipped priority so like 3 days.
  • hmmmm i dont know if mine has something like that but i see you can have problems even though it appears to be working. I was able at one time to have manual control but it was a faint movement of the elevator when it should have been moving the rudder, so opposite controls. But it was very small movement and then turned it off and tried again and no more faint control
  • I just tested my board and found it working 'mode_wise' just fine except for one thing. I tried the failsafe-ret (turned of X-miter) and it stayed in manaul mode? It's because my Berg reciever has failsafe mode and gave the atttiny a valid sig even though the X_miter was off ! I was using the throthle channel on a cnrtl for testing .
  • Yes it may be the controller. I wonder what is different about this one than other working 6ch ones. Ive been told 2.4ghz doesn't matter should work. I don't know who told me to buy it but im not trying to blame anyone. Just my fault for going cheaper maybe.
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    One thing at a time. Just send me the board and I'll check it out. Any problems beyond that are with your setup.
  • well UAV mode was not working either. That is if i was switching it to uav mode. The mode light would come on so it means its in UAV mode but it was not steering towards its waypoint. So is that another problem besides manual control? or will manual control solve that too?
  • ok ill see if i can send that to you tomorrow. Thanks for all your help. I guess if it is my controller than ill need a new one. Maybe i can sell mine. But i do know that i can turn the mode light on and off so it is getting a signal but as for moving the servos im getting nothing. But like i said ill try and send that to you tomorrow. Thanks.
  • but better check ur battery voltage with multimeter that can be a reason .... it happens normally when battery is very weak. Just check it out with multimeter whats voltage its showing.
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    I'm just going to test the auto/manual function, so I just need the board. Setting up the rest is up to you.
  • Hmmmm it might be best if i could send almost my whole setup to you. Everything besides the ESC and Battery because im sure you have those. I dont know if its just the board but if you could take most of it and do the setup it would help alot. I dont know if im asking too much. I was thinking the controller, receiver, gps, sensor, and cables.
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